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2019 China international plastics show

2019 China international plastics show


Global Leading International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition

China, Guangzhou, Pazhou, China Import and Export Commodity Fair and Exhibition Hall

May 21-24, 2019

CHINAPLAS 2019 provides an international platform for publishing and exchanging information related to advanced new technologies, with scientific and technological innovation as the core and the goal of promoting the development of plastic rubber industry. Not only will more than 3,500 exhibitors attend the exhibition, but also a series of exciting activities will be organized to meet the needs of these industries.

This year's focus is on China's move towards circular economy and innovation to shape the future.

The 2019 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition was held in Guangzhou as scheduled. It is the second most prosperous exhibition in the world after the German K Exhibition. The exhibition attracted more than 150,000 people from all over the world, including many buyers who ordered plastic manufacturing equipment or plastic products on the spot. With the growth of human health demand, the medical device industry has been developing continuously. It is known as the sunrise industry, and it is an area that developed countries are competing for.

In the past 20 years, the global growth of biomedical materials and products has continued. With the rapid development of research and production of biomedical materials in China, the initial scale of biomedical materials has become a new industry.

According to the forecast of Prospective Industry Research Institute, China's medical device market will exceed 600 billion in 2019. The compound annual growth rate in the next five years (2019-2023) is about 14.41%. It is predicted that the scale of China's medical device market will exceed trillion yuan by 2023, reaching 1076.7 billion yuan.

(CBC) is a new type of ring block copolymer with high cleanliness, high transparency, stable thermal oxidation, excellent UV penetration and tolerance, chemical resistance and low density. It is suitable for injection, extrusion, blow moulding and other processing processes. It can be used in optical, medical, biomedical detection, food containers, deep ultraviolet light, semiconductor, electronic products, vehicle-mounted, packaging, etc. Fields.

New materials have been introduced into maize bio-based modified plastics. The technology of maize modification has won many patents and certification at home and abroad. It can make supermarket shopping bags, roll-up bags, flat bags, Green Express bags, disposable lunch boxes, bowls, cups and so on. 

The exhibition is like a huge stage. Each exhibitor presents a colorful exhibition stand, showing the best side of their products. The colorful exhibits show the infinite charm of China, the world's largest plastic product production and consumption, and show a prosperous prospect of the Chinese plastic industry market.

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