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Apart from the Chrismas tree, are your doors and windows ready?

Apart from the Chrismas tree, are your doors and windows ready?


WOW! Christmas is coming!

Is the home decorated?

Apart from the Christmas tree, are your doors and windows ready?

Put two Christmas trees in front of the gate. What can I do if the door is not opened and closed properly?

The glass window should be pasted with Christmas stickers. Is the air leakage OK?

At the Chirstmas party, mosquitoes can be seen. Is that OK?

In China, before the Spring Festival comes every year, every family has to tidy up theri houses and clean them up to make their homes look new and more comfortable and warm.

Repairing doors and windows is a very important content. Replacing the right seal is a more important part of repairing doors and windows.

The coated door and window sealing strip produced by Guangzhou Kenna Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. Is mainly made of PE outer film and PU foam with high resilience, which contains PP skeleton. Therefore, the sealing strip has a compression deformation form of less than 10%, which ensures that it can be applied to doors and windows. The sealing performance of the coated sealing strip is greatly increased. The PE coating film not only has rich and colorful colors, but also has more choices. The PP skeleton in this material also has a very good fixing effect on the product, which can effectively prevent product shrinkage after successful installation.

Replace the appropriate sealing strip, install quality doors and windows, and have a happy Christmas.

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