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Brief analysis of the characteristics of automobile rubber sealing strips and the main points of installation

by:Kenna     2021-04-22
Automobile rubber seal strip (automobile rubber seal strip) is one of the important parts of automobiles. It is widely used in door, window, body, seat, sunroof, engine box and trunk, etc. It is waterproof, sealed, soundproof and dustproof. , Antifreeze, shock absorption, warmth and energy saving. It must have strong tensile strength, good elasticity, and better temperature resistance and aging resistance. In order to ensure the fastening of the rubber strip and the profile, the cross-sectional structure size of the rubber strip must match the profile. Product features: unique formula design, anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance and chemical resistance, good elasticity and compression deformation, can maintain its original high sealing performance between -50 and 120 degrees. One-time molding, smooth and beautiful surface, excellent aging resistance, and stable extrusion of the product. The method of installing sound insulation strips is very simple. You can do it roughly according to the method, but pay attention to some precautions: 1. Thoroughly clean and dry the parts where the sealing strips need to be installed and the plane positions of the sealing strips; 2. Choose the paste position , After locating the starting point of pasting, start from the beginning of the sealing strip in turn, press and paste a little bit, be careful not to pull the sealing strip a little bit, try to keep the original shape of the sealing strip, and slowly align the paste path carefully to paste; At the corner of a knot, the sealing strip should be bent very softly, and the appearance should not be affected by turning too fast. In addition, there should be no other impurities such as dust on the 3M adhesive, and you can’t be quick and urgent when pasting, so as to ensure the effect; 3. Paste all in place, check the sound insulation strips properly, and wait a while After that, you can finish work by pressing it carefully. Don't close the door at this time. Leave the door open and wait for 20 minutes to close the door again, and then wait 3-5 hours before opening the door for normal use; 4. Prohibit after pasting. Pull the sealing strip by hand, and it is forbidden to wash the car within 3 days and get wet (if it rains, it can't be helped) Try not to open and close the door repeatedly within 24 hours; 5. After the construction is completed, the door will be a little tight. When driving, be sure to Pay attention to whether the door is closed tightly and pay attention to driving safety; 6. The sealing strip must be under positive pressure after the installation position is closed, so that the adhesive can be fully used. (Note---Positive pressure: the direction of pressure is perpendicular to the plane where the adhesive is located) After installing these sound insulation strips, it can enhance the airtightness of the car body, and the sound of closing the door can be thicker and have a heavy feeling; effectively reduce wind noise and road surface Noise is introduced into the car, which improves driving comfort, and can also prevent soil and rain from entering the car. It is suitable for sealing the front and rear covers, and has obvious effects of waterproof, dustproof and sound insulation.
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