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Door and window rubber sealing strips are used in the range

by:Kenna     2021-03-22
Door and window sealing strips are widely used in various aluminum-plastic doors and windows, such as wooden doors and anti-theft doors. Its most significant function is shockproof. After using high-quality TPE sealing strips for doors and windows, closing the door can greatly reduce vibration, and the sound of closing doors and windows will be much smaller, or even no sound, which can prolong the service life of doors and windows and provide you with a quiet and high-quality living environment. TPE sealing strips can be waterproof and can be applied to bathroom doors and windows to truly separate wet and dry. Our plastic-steel door and window sealing strips also have excellent heat preservation, that is, it can ensure that the air-conditioning in the house is not lost in summer, and the same winter heat can also be well preserved, and it can effectively prevent the entry of small bugs, creating a clean and tidy life surroundings. Main functions: 1. Insect prevention 2. Windproof 3. Light isolation 4. Anti-collision 5. Sound isolation 6. Smoke isolation 7. Waterproof manufacturing standard GB320 281NAF05-2000 'Vulcanized rubber sealing strip for plastic steel doors and windows' 'Practical processing technology of rubber sealing products' 'Rubber Sealing Technology Manual' by Liu Yin Culture and Industry Press. Product features One-time molding using microwave vulcanization process, no joints, smooth surface, excellent elasticity, resistance to compression, anti-aging, resistance to chemical reactions, excellent flame retardancy , Low smoke and wide temperature range
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