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Door and window sealing strip: the advantages of aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows

by:Kenna     2021-03-23
Aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows are characterized by heat preservation, energy saving, and resistance to wind and sand. The aluminum-clad wooden window is a layer of broken bridge aluminum alloy beside the solid wood, which makes the door and window more tightly sealed and can effectively block the invasion of wind and sand. When the heat is too hot, it can block the outdoor heat and reduce the loss of indoor air-conditioning; it will not freeze or condense in the cold winter, and it can also keep the noise out of the window. (1) The outdoor part is made of aluminum alloy special mold extruded profiles, and the surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon, which can resist ultraviolet rays in the sun and various corrosion in nature. There are many colors and patterns for the owner to choose. The indoor part is through High-grade and high-quality wood processed by a special process can be selected according to the requirements of the owner. The surface of the wood is painted with high-quality German paint. The door and window sealing strips are anti-ultraviolet, waterproof, corrosion-resistant and environmentally friendly. Special profiles for doors and windows are used, with small deformation [2], which can be coordinated with various indoor decoration styles and play a good decorative role. It is integrated with the interior decoration paint. The window lines have American style and modern feel. Due to the interior wood The profile blocks the thermal bridge between indoor and outdoor energy transfer, and the energy-saving effect is very obvious. (2) Adopting multi-channel sealing, the isobaric cavity waterproof principle design applied to high-grade curtain wall is adopted between the opening part and the window (door) frame. The waterproof and sealing performance is excellent, and the waterproof and sealing performance is better than that of ordinary aluminum windows and High-grade plastic steel windows. (3) Hollow tempered glass can be selected for the glass part. The glass interior adopts glass decorative strips produced by American technology, which has better decoration, heat preservation and sound insulation performance than the aluminum decorative strips used in general domestic doors and windows. (4) Using world-renowned German hardware, the product has stable performance, high quality, long service life, and good opening and closing feel. (5) The installation method of installing the auxiliary frame first and then the main frame is adopted. The installation accuracy is high and the construction quality is good. The auxiliary frame is made of anti-corrosion wood processing, and the unique window fins of German-style windows are used for fixing, which can ensure the window Waterproof performance. (6) The screen window can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is tightly integrated with the window frame and has good mosquito resistance. It is easy to disassemble and clean. The screen window frame is made of wood, and the decorative effect is integrated with the window.
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