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High temperature and wear resistant silicone strip

by:Kenna     2021-04-15
High temperature resistant and wear resistant silica gel strips can be used at 100-120℃ for a long time, and can maintain effective physical properties for a long period of time at 140-150℃, and can withstand high temperatures of 230-260℃ in a short time, which is suitable for urban buildings. In case of unexpected accidents, it can play a delay role; coupled with the use of special formulas, EPDM rubber feels similar at -50°C to 150°C, which creates high efficiency work performance for installation on the production site. 3. Because of the three EPDM has excellent ozone resistance and is also known as 'crack-free rubber'. It is especially used on various urban buildings with different atmospheric indexes and completely exposed to the air. It will show the superiority of its products; 4. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, providing environmental protection for residents of high-rise buildings; it can withstand voltage of 60~150KV, corona resistance, electric crack resistance, arc resistance, and it is also very good. Automobile product rubber formula and its preparation method and process Background technology: At present, the low temperature performance of rubber products used in automobiles on the market is generally around -25°C, but the rubber parts on automobiles cannot withstand cold air in a harsh climate. The airflow caused the product life to be greatly reduced. The performance of rubber products used in automobiles directly affects personal safety. For example, the recall of some of the cars sold by Toyota in the past few years caused serious reputational consequences. Therefore, all automobile manufacturers need a long-term stable performance. Adequately safe rubber products. High temperature and wear resistant silicone strips play a key role in electrical cabinets. The skeleton seal is composed of dense rubber, foam rubber and steel wire film. The cabinet seals are mainly used for cabinets, electrical cabinets, and machinery, and are mainly used for fixing effects. And sound insulation, waterproof, dustproof, and airtight. Recommended temperature range: PVC material 20°F-150°f(-29c-65, a door is not beautiful, but a sealing strip must be installed to ensure sound insulation, temperature and sealing Performance, it can be seen that the sealing strip is necessary for the door. Excellent weather resistance and aging resistance, ozone resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, foam flexible sealing strip, excellent cold and heat resistance (-50℃~+170℃) , Super elasticity, 200% stretch, high quality and low price Door and window sealing strip Door and window sealing strip classification Plastic steel door and window sealing strip, aluminum alloy door and window sealing strip, wooden door sealing strip, cold storage door sealing strip, grain storage door sealing strip, flame retardant doors and windows Sealing strips, glass sealing strips, automatic revolving door sealing strips, building door sealing strips, curtain wall sealing strips, etc. According to the cross-sectional shape classification can be divided into solid products (round, square, flat cross-sectional shape), hollow products and metal rubber Composite products and other types, of which metal rubber composite sealing strips account for more than 60%. For rubber sealing strips, the cross-sectional design is very important. The first is the shape and size of the sealing lip. The sealing lips on both sides should be of the same size and size. Appropriate force contacts the glass from both sides of the car window glass. According to the sealing characteristics, it can be divided into weather sealing strip (WEATHERSTRIP) and general sealing strip (SEALING). Technical realization factors: The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a The automobile product rubber formula and its preparation method have good low-temperature performance, can withstand the attack of cold air in a relatively harsh local environment, ensure good performance, and thus ensure personal safety. Technical realization elements: technical problems to be solved by the present invention It provides a rubber formula for automobile products and its preparation method. It has good low-temperature performance and can withstand the attack of cold air in a harsh climate, ensuring good performance and personal safety. High temperature resistant wear-resistant silicone strips There will be a 'bump! Bump!......' impact sound that you have hit countless times to close the door and cabinet door. Will it affect your daily mood and mood after a long time? The new PU foam sealing strip has super resilience. No deformation, odorless, environmental protection, sound insulation and anti-collision effect is more obvious, worth having, 5) EPDM rubber material 40°F-248°f (-40°C-120°C), Nitrile-butadiene rubber material 40°F -248°f (-40°C-120°C), silicone rubber material 40°F-260°f (-40°C-126. In the raw materials for manufacturing sealing strips, EPDM rubber, the main raw material used in the past, is also Continuously updated and developed, the new type EPDM with excellent physical properties and good processing properties can control the branching of the long chain in the molecule, make its vulcanization performance better, and increase the extrusion speed and product output. These materials have both The excellent engineering properties of elastomers and the excellent characteristics of plastics make it easy to process and recyclable. These materials are gradually replacing EPDM products. Automobile sound insulation and anti-collision strips are divided into 3M back-adhesive small D-shaped sealing strip, 3M back-adhesive large D-shaped sealing strip, 3M back-adhesive large P-shaped sealing strip, A, microwave continuous vulcanization composite sealing strip: microwave vulcanization technology is the 70s of the 20th century The production technology used and widely promoted after the foreign energy crisis in the 1940s, the use of microwave continuous vulcanization technology can not only produce composite strips of metal core, solid core rubber and sponge rubber, but also save energy and improve work efficiency. Other continuous vulcanization methods are superior. Technical features: 1. An automobile product rubber, characterized in that the automobile product rubber is composed of EPDM, carbon black, softening oil, processing aids, and accelerators. 2. The automobile product rubber of claim 1, wherein the automobile product rubber is based on a weight ratio of 100 for EPDM, 90 for carbon black, 20 for softening oil, and 15 for processing aids. , The accelerator is 5.
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