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How long does the window seal need to be replaced?

by:Kenna     2021-04-24
How long does the window sealing strip need to be replaced? The physical properties of the silicone rubber have no obvious changes at -50°C. Five, depending on the specific gravity, how many meters can be produced per kilogram, add the PVC sealing strip with heavy calcium. You can stretch it back and forth several times by hand. There will be a small amount of white powder. The density of PVC sealing strips should be 1,4-1,6. Silicone rubber sealing strips should be filled with nano-silica as a filling and reinforcing effect. The texture is light and the density is 1,1-1. , 25, so the yield rate is 20% higher than that of PVC sealing strips. Types and uses of door and window sealing strips Introduction: When we install doors and windows in our lives, there will always be a fixed gap, which causes the door and window departments to close tightly. The role of door and window sealing strips is used to eliminate these gaps. However, there are many types of door and window sealing strips, and their uses are also different. I have compiled some relevant information about the types of door and window sealing strips for everyone here. Door and window sealing strips can be divided into major categories in use: glass sealing strips, door leaf and door cover sealing strips and wool strips. The glass sealing strip is used to seal the gap between the glass leaf and the frame. The door leaf sealing strip is used to seal the gap between the door panel and the door frame, and the wool strip is mainly used to seal the gap between the frame and the door. It is said that in the installation process of various doors and windows, the sealing strip is indispensable. The sealing strip plays a role of sealing and waterproofing in plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and wooden doors and windows. Sealing strips have high requirements for materials. First of all, they must have strong stretchability and elasticity, as well as good temperature resistance and aging resistance. At the same time, in order to ensure the close contact between the sealing strip and the profile, the cross-sectional structure of the sealing strip must match the profile of the door and window, which is generally suitable for hanging windows and folding doors and windows. The characteristics of sound insulation, heat preservation, sealing, impact resistance and environmental protection have attracted more and more consumers' attention. 'Functionality' has long been a functional, rational and reliable image of German design, especially The whole product is in harmony and unity at the level of technology, function, logic and sense of order. 'The covered sealing strip structure makes the door leaf and the door sleeve tight and seamless, blocking sound penetration, and has strong resilience and sound insulation. Performance and environmental protection. Commonly used weather sealing strips include door frame sealing strips, luggage compartment sealing strips, engine box cover strips, etc. Commonly used general sealing strips include front and rear window sealing strips and corner window sealing strips, inner and outer strips, etc., with unique formula design The EPDM rubber sealing strip has excellent anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance and chemical resistance, and has good elasticity and compression deformation resistance. It will not crack or deform after long-term use. The temperature is between -50 degrees and 120 degrees. It can maintain its original high sealing performance between different degrees. The top is generally used to install on the sash of the push-type door and window to seal the gap between the frame and the sash. The specifications of the top can greatly affect the door and window The watertight performance of the door and window will also affect the opening and closing of doors and windows. If the size of the top is too large, or the vertical hair is too high, it will be very difficult to assemble, and after assembly, it will also be the resistance of the door and window when moving If the fire size is too small, or the vertical hair is too low, the door and window are prone to bracket phenomenon, which reduces the sealing performance of the door and window. There are two types of wool strips that have been siliconized and those that have not been siliconized. After treatment, the use effect will be better. The quality qualified top has the following characteristics: no obvious defects in appearance, straight surface, smooth bottom plate and vertical hair, no bending phenomenon, and no pitting and other problems on the bottom plate, and meet the size The above provisions. The microwave vulcanization process is used for one-time molding, the surface is smooth and beautiful, without joint marks, has good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, excellent aging resistance, excellent flame retardancy, low smoke and low toxicity; stable product performance, dimensional accuracy High, six, burning, PVC sealing strip will foam, shrink, and emit black pungent smoke when burned, insufficient combustion, leaving hard plastic residue, silicone rubber sealing strip burning is almost smokeless, odorless, fully burning, burning The substance is white powder. If your cracks are large or the degree of aging is serious, then you don’t need to use the adhesive. It is more convenient to replace it with a new one. The replacement method is very simple, but in order to have a good effect. Ask professionals to update, but most people choose PVC material, so what should people pay attention to when buying sealing strip? First, put the product on the nose and smell it. If it is normal PVC material, it will be a little bit stuffed. Smell, but the smell is very little, almost inaudible.
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