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How much is the truck compartment seal

by:Kenna     2021-04-09
How much does a truck compartment sealing strip cost? It is divided into self-adhesive type and card slot type. It is used for different doors and windows. It is more convenient and feasible in operation and installation. What is the performance advantage of coated sealing strip? 1. Compression deformation test: 70℃ 50% compression rate continuous compression for 22 hours, deformation rate ≤10%2, compression force test, under 25% compression rate, 15N/100mm force applied, compression rate ≤10N3, temperature range test: from -40℃ There is no obvious change in sealing performance to 90℃. 4. Thermal conductivity K value test: K value ≤ 0 at 0℃. Automobile product rubber formula and its preparation method and process Background technology: At present, the low temperature performance of rubber products used in automobiles on the market is generally around -25°C, but the rubber parts on automobiles cannot withstand cold air in a harsh climate. The airflow caused the product life to be greatly reduced. The performance of rubber products used in automobiles directly affects personal safety. For example, the recall of some of the cars sold by Toyota in the past few years caused serious reputational consequences. Therefore, all automobile manufacturers need a long-term stable performance. Adequately safe rubber products. All of the above features are also the advantages of foam sealing strips. Through understanding, we can find that the reason why this product is popular in the market is because the product has many characteristics and advantages. The temperature is very low. If a product such as a car seal is damaged, it is easy to allow air-conditioning to enter the car, and wind noise is also prone to appear. This sound feels like the car door is not closed tightly. Affect the comfort of the ride. It is divided into self-adhesive type and card slot type. It is used in different doors and windows. It is more convenient and feasible in operation and installation. It does not react with any paint or cleaning agent. Customers do not need to worry about the integrity and beauty of doors and windows. Pieces: elastic pan seat and key or fixing screw 1. Use your nose to smell whether there is any peculiar smell. Normal PVC sealing strips will have a pungent smell, normal silicone rubber sealing strips will only have a little mellow smell , The smell is so small that it can hardly smell. Anti-collision. There will be 'bump! Bump!...' when you close the door and cabinet door for countless times. Will it affect your mood and mood every day after a long time? The new PU foam sealing strip has super resilience. , No deformation, odorless, environmental protection, sound insulation and anti-collision effect is more significant, worth having, 5) EPDM rubber material 40°F-248°f (-40°C-120°C), nitrile-butadiene rubber material 40° F-248°f (-40°C-120°C), silicone rubber material 40°F-260°f (-40°C-126. Technical realization factors: The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a rubber formula for automobile products And its preparation method, its low temperature performance is good, it can withstand the attack of cold air in a relatively harsh local environment, ensure good performance, and thus ensure personal safety. Technical realization elements: the technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a The rubber formula of automobile products and its preparation method have good low-temperature performance, and can withstand the attack of cold air in a harsh climate, ensure good performance, and thus ensure personal safety. How much is the length and thickness of the lip of the truck compartment seal It should be appropriate. Too thick or too long will increase the resistance of the glass to lift. Too thin or too short will cause the glass not to be well guided and sealed, resulting in vibration, noise, and rain leakage; followed by the shape and size of the bottom of the section. Design, there are protrusions on the section of the steel channel of the car window, and its function is to assemble the guide groove. Therefore, the bottom of the guide groove section should be designed with a corresponding structure, which is easy to install, and can be attached to the steel guide groove by the elasticity of the sealing strip itself. It is the shape and size of the outer edge. In order to improve the appearance, the outer surface of the guide groove should be closely attached to the car body. Third, the structure of good water absorption is very characteristic, and it uses independent bubbles. The structure, therefore, the water absorption performance of the product is very good, so that it will achieve the effect of moisture resistance, this product has many advantages, not only the transparent effect is good, but the appearance of the product is also very smooth, and it is very soft And the product with very good elasticity, and this product has no odor, and also has good high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. Using this product is not prone to aging and deformation. Then, the rubber sealing strip What are the characteristics and uses of the energy-saving doors and windows. Energy-saving doors and windows are roughly composed of profiles, hardware, glass and EPDM door and window sealing strips, as well as several major modules of processing technology. The sealing strips are relatively low in cost due to their proportion, and some are not. The traditional concept of attaching importance to energy-saving standards for doors and windows has always been ignored by many door and window manufacturers, but we can’t help but admit that sealing strips play a vital role in door and window systems. EPDM sealing strips can play a role in door and window systems. What is the important role?
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