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How to choose a sealing strip?

How to choose a sealing strip?


Sealing strip is mainly used in all kinds of wooden doors, Windows, wardrobe supporting, in the wooden doors, Windows, wardrobe play a shock absorption, shading sound insulation, sealed energy saving, insect and dust prevention, fire prevention, smoke prevention, waterproof and moisture-proof, decorative beautification, adjustment and buffering. Although the adhesive strip is only a matching hardware accessories, but can not be ignored, on the one hand, the adhesive strip to protect the wooden door, window, wardrobe, extend the service life of wooden door, window, wardrobe; On the other hand, the company's responsibility for products can be reflected in the details of products, so as to improve the added value of products, allow customers to better experience products, increase customer satisfaction with products, and enhance the soft power of product brands.

Material selection: the performance and life of the sealing strip depends on the material selection.

Rubber strip materials on the market mainly include rubber and plastic (PVC), elastomer (TPE), silicone (SIR), PU foam (PU foam +PE film), EPDM, etc. Each material has its own characteristics. Generally, appropriate materials are selected according to the use environment to fit the supporting products.

Ii. Practical performance test:

1. Observe whether the surface of the rubber strip is bright, smooth, free from impurities, bubbles and jagged marks. The hand sense is delicate and soft.

2. Stretch moderately with your hands without breaking, and recover quickly after bending and releasing, with good elasticity, no aromatics odor with your nose, and poor strength of high filling soft PVC sealing strip, which will crack or break when folded.

3. Use your nose to smell whether there are aromatic hydrocarbon odors. Some PVC sealing strips not only use waste materials of different quality, but also use excessive fillers and low molecular weight arene oil or complex oil residue as plasticizer substitutes. When this kind of product just leaves the factory peculiar smell is bigger, flexibility and softness are ok, but as time goes by this component volatilizes more, sealing strip is sent quickly hard become brittle, make adhesive strip contracts, become loose, fall off, craze ages extremely easily, lose sealing effect. The transfer of arene oil or heavy oil can also cause the profiles to turn yellow.

4. Practical inspection: insert the rubber strip between the profile and the glass to check the rationality of the shape of the section of the rubber strip and the suitability of its size, so as to press the rubber strip with less effort and pull out the glass with greater strength. If conditional still can hit white glass glue in adhesive strip surface, place a few days later glue does not become yellow and adhesion is strong had better.

5. Visually check and identify the quality of rubber strip from the aspects of observation of appearance, strength, smell and combustion:

Inferior polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sealing strip surface is coarse, variation is big, intensity is poor, a fold is cracked, pull break, nose smell has thorn nose aromatic ene flavour, after combustion from extinguish, because fill is much less than resin reason wiredrawing is very short.

High quality modified polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sealing strip has fine surface, good brightness, high strength, good elasticity and no peculiar smell. When burning, the flame is yellow, the root is green, with the smell of chlorine gas.

Vulcanized epdm sealing strip has the advantages of strength, good elasticity, small deformation, bright surface and large ratio (about 1.5). When burning, the flame root is blue, smokeless, and the residue is non-viscous. After burning, it cannot be brushed.

Thermoplastic epdm seal strip performance and vulcanization epdm seal strip similar, the surface matte, feel light (specific gravity 0.90~ 0.95) combustion residue viscous.

6, in addition to the above identification, due to the market profile factory groove width is different (aluminum alloy profile is more prominent); Glass thickness tolerance is different, in order to ensure the embedded fastness, the doors and Windows of the enterprise can be according to the actual size of the profile, the choice of qualified manufacturers tailored sealing strip.

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