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How to install door and window sealing strip?

How to install door and window sealing strip?


Just as its name implies, door window is sealed the aperture after the window that is used to fill door window to install, sealed the use period that can prolong door window not only, also went to the lavatory in certain level upper part people's life. In the production and installation of plastic steel doors and Windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, wooden doors, sealing strip is an indispensable accessory.

When window sealing strip is installed, want to avoid a few dirty things and a few sundries to wait. When installing, also do not make door window sealing strip is pulled too tight. Also use sealant to hold it in place for quick installation.

Uneven installation of sealing strip

The glass installation is not centered, the gap between the glass and the window frame is uneven, and the rubber sealing strip is not close to the glass and the window frame, so the installation is not smooth. Knock on the glass with your hand. There are three main reasons for this situation:

1. When installing the glass, the sundries in the groove are not cleared in time, so that the glass is out of alignment with the groove.

2. Uneven gap between the glass and the glass groove, poor contact between the rubber strip and the glass and glass groove, protruding out of the glass groove, the sealing strip can be easily pulled off by hand.

3. The rubber strip on the corner is not broken or glued.

Install the sealing strip correctly

1. Before installing the glass, the sundries in the groove should be removed seriously, such as mortar, brick, wood blocks, etc., and the glass should be placed in the center carefully to ensure uniform clearance on both sides, and be fixed in time to prevent collision and shift from the center of the groove.

2. The rubber sealing strip shall not be pulled too tight, and the blanking length shall be 20-30mm longer than the assembly length. When installing, should enchase reach the designated position, the surface is smooth, close contact with vitreous, vitreous notch, make vitreous periphery bears force even. The rubber strip at the corner shall be beveled to disconnect and glued firmly at the disconnect.

3. When sealing and fixing the glass with sealant, squeeze the glass with rubber strip or rubber block first to leave the gap of glue injection. The depth of glue injection should be no less than 5mm.

Door window is sealed actually the key depends on, sealed stand or fall sealing strip is having the effect of hold the post. The sealing strip material used in the market is generally modified by PVC, and its key role in the soft PVC is nothing more than adding plasticizer in it. Kenna rubber and plastic has been committed to the rubber strip industry, to bring quality products to customers!

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