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How to promote silicone rubber sealing strips online

by:Kenna     2021-07-22
The company's business philosophy is: 'Seek development with science and technology, and build brilliance with reputation'. The keyword in our official website is silicone rubber sealing strip, but how to do this keyword well? Let me talk for customers:    Silicone rubber sealing strips are mainly used in automobiles, machinery, doors and windows, etc., to prevent dust, insects, waterproof, fixation, sound insulation, shock absorption, sealing, etc. The unique formula design of silicone rubber sealing strip has excellent anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance and chemical resistance performance, and has good elasticity and compression deformation resistance. It will not crack or deform after long-term use. It is between -50 degrees and 120 degrees. It can maintain its original high sealing performance.   Silicone rubber sealing strips are generally made of chloroprene rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, silicone rubber, natural-chloroprene-butadiene styrene rubber, rubber-plastic compound rubber and other rubber materials with excellent aging resistance. The manufacturing method uses extrusion molding continuous vulcanization method, extrusion molding vulcanization tank vulcanization method or compression vulcanization method. The installation of silicone rubber sealing strip must be operated according to the steps in the manual, so that it can be completed better and faster.
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