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How to store sealant strips

by:Kenna     2021-04-09
The primary function of the sealing strip is to install in the occasions where the tightness requirements are relatively high, and it is the main product to improve the sealing effect. But the rubber sealing strip must meet the strict requirements when it is reserved. A method of retaining rubber sealing strips is mainly the following. At the top of the list, products with sealing strips that have just entered the market under normal conditions should be placed in bags with better airtightness to prevent contact with moisture and air in the air. This is the main measure to maintain the life of the product. If the air tightness is not tight If the condition is too high, it will accelerate the aging of the sealing strip, even if it is not installed, the sealing strip has a longevity. Second, the rubber sealing strip should also be shaded when it is retained to prevent the color of the sealing strip from being changed by direct sunlight, which is also a major factor affecting the function of the sealing strip. The third is the control of temperature. Temperature is the third biggest killer that affects the quality of the sealing strip. Too high temperature will accelerate softening, and too low temperature will reduce its function and may freeze cracking. temperature. Sunlight, air, and water are the three major killers that affect the quality of rubber sealing strips. Therefore, you must pay attention to the above points when you keep it. It is the best choice to pack it in a woven bag.
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