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Identify true and false EPDM rubber seals

by:Kenna     2021-03-30
The current EPDM rubber sealing strip is a very common rubber strip, but this is actually true and false. So how should we distinguish it? 1. Observing the color The color viewing is to carefully observe the color of the colloid of the rubber strip. Many counterfeit goods will use low-end and low-quality rubber, so the color of the produced rubber strip is often particularly dark. Anyone with experience can see through it at a glance. Before leaving the factory, most of the rubber strips will be polished with black shoe polish to make them look more black and shiny but shiny, but in fact, the rubber joints produced by the real EPDM rubber strips are pure in color. , Slightly dark, not particularly bright or particularly dark. 2. Smelling the smell is actually a very good way to identify, because the ingredients of the rubber are all olefins, so the rubber will also have a very pungent odor that normal people will find. But after vulcanization and filling of EPDM rubber, not only does it lose the pungent taste that ordinary rubber should have, but it will have a very aromatic taste, so as long as you pay attention, you can still judge whether it is a good material. . 3. The tactile feel is also a very intuitive way. If you carefully rub the inner layer of the rubber strip, the tactile feel is very smooth. The quality of authentic EPDM rubber is very good, so the rubber after production The strips are also very smooth to the touch, while the ordinary rubber is different. The touch is far from the real one, and it is very rough.
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