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Influence of sealing performance of doors and windows on building energy saving

Influence of sealing performance of doors and windows on building energy saving


In the standard state, the air permeability per unit opening seam length and air permeability per unit area when the pressure difference is 10 PA. The air tightness of doors and windows is an important index affecting the thermal performance of building heating or air conditioning. In cold areas, due to the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the outdoor cold air enters the room from the window gap in winter, while the indoor hot air flows outdoors from the window gap, causing heat loss. In hot areas, the indoor also consumes electric energy in summer.

There are two kinds of sealing materials, one is sealing strip and the other is sealant. This is mainly about seals.

1. Selection of sealing strip material.

The sealing strip material of the window generally adopts synthetic rubber, ethylene propylene ternary and the international common symbol is EPDM. Compared with natural rubber, it has higher moisture resistance, ozone resistance, light resistance, ultraviolet resistance, high temperature resistance, oil resistance and other chemical properties. It can act at a temperature of -50℃~80℃. Choose different hardness as required.The service life of this high-quality product can reach 50 years. The elastic function can be extended to about 3 years by brushing silicone resin.

Due to the factors such as manufacturing process, material ratio, process quality control and testing equipment, which affect their physical and chemical properties, various technical parameters of products from different manufacturers will be different, which should be paid attention tp in design and selection.

2. Installation of sealing strip

When installing the sealing strip, the installation groove on the aluminum profile must be cleaned first, and then the sealing strip can be embedded.The installation shall be particularly careful. Pay attention not to lengthen the sealing strip, otherwise it will fall out of the window frame. It is better to be 1mm longer than the normal size when cutting. Generally, a small section of chamfer at the window corner is glued diagonally. Silicone rubber can also be used as sealing strip , but polyethylene sealing strip is generally not used because of its temperature resistance and poor use effect. The selection of sealing strip and the effective sealing of window joints depend on the joint design, the correct selection of sealant, reasonable section and correct construction technology.

The air tightness of building external windows is very important, which needs to be solved through design, material selection, processing, assembly and construction. Each link is very important and needs to be seriously considered and fully implemented.

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