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Installation guide for wooden door seals

Installation guide for wooden door seals


Wooden door sealing is in real wood door, door of guard against theft, indoor the other door window such as door is having very crucial effect. The most apparent is sound insulation shockproof, reduce after door block line jacket goes up it (disappear even) when closing a door (window) crash sound, have a protective effect to the brim of door leaf, extended the life of the door, reduced noise. The second is to seal, shock absorption, isolation of indoor and outdoor air, effectively played a heat preservation, energy saving, reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating, and will prevent insects such as mosquitoes to get into the indoor, elastomer rubber seal is the best choice to ensure these effects.

Wooden door opens groove sealing strip is to go up in door frame open a groove, will seal strip installation on, this kind of opens groove sealing, make sealing strip is embedded in groove not easy fall off, installation is handy. The installation process should pay attention to the following issues:

A, good quality of the sealing strip in order to maintain the sealing effect must maintain a certain flexibility, so the installation of the sealing strip must not be forced to stretch, static pressure into the wooden door card slot, the corner should be cut for the v-shaped, do not cut, contact the bottom of the door to try to leave some more parts to cut.

Two, wooden door card slot is generally 3mm, sealing strip is generally card to take place should be at least 3.8mm. Convenient and firm clamping, the clamping groove and the sealing strip must fit properly.

Three, the most critical wooden door and the amount of lap between the door is generally 3-4mm, the effective thickness of the sealing strip must be greater than the wooden door between the frame fan gap, should be in 5-7mm. This can ensure the effectiveness of the sealing strip, so as not to cause false installation. In short, it is advisable that the thickness of the sealing strip is larger than the gap of 2-4mm, and the compression amount of 2-4mm ensures the effectiveness of the sealing strip.

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