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Installation of Sealing Strip for Automobile Center Console

Installation of Sealing Strip for Automobile Center Console


1. Materials and tools

(1) Double sided six slot sealing strip;

(2)  Crowbar;

(3)  Art knife;


2. Applicable models

Cars, SUV, business cars , vans, pickup trucks and other models can be used


3. Installation position



4. Installation method

(1) Clean the center console;

(2) Take a suitable length of double-sided six slot sealing strip, and align the part with teeth to the direction of the center console;

(3) Lay the sealing strip between the center console and the glass;

(4) Press the sealing strip in with a crowbar;

(5) Press and level one by one to complete the installation.


5. Comparison of installation effect beftor and after

Before installation:

(1) There are many sundries on the instrument panel;

(2) Dust enters the vehicle;

(3) It is difficult to clean;

(4) Poor air conditioning effect;

(5) Rainwater enters the vehicle;

After installation:

(1) The mute effect is good;

(2) The goods will not fall when the brake is in an emergency;

(3) Leak proof, prevent foreigh matters from falling into the gap;

(4) No air leakage, good air conditioning effect.

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