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Material performance, working environment and production precautions of silicone rubber sealing strip

by:Kenna     2021-07-22
Silicone sealing strips are widely used in the market, such as automobiles, building doors and windows, ships and other places. There are two other areas that are irreplaceable except for silicone sealing strips. One is the medical field and the other is the food field. These two areas are very important for safety, so only special materials and special performance can be competent. Therefore, the importance of silicone sealing strips in the field of sealing strips is very large, and the market share is also one of the best. The following is an introduction to today's main content, the matters that should be paid attention to when producing silicone sealing strips. Silicone sealing strips are based on methyl vinyl silicone rubber, added with various fillers (reinforcing agents, heat-resistant agents, modifiers, etc.) through mixing, thinning, filtering, vulcanization, molding, extrusion, Manufactured by bonding and other production processes. It has excellent thermal stability, high and low temperature resistance, can work for a long time at -60℃~+250℃, anti-ozone, weather resistance and good electrical properties, strong resistance to corona, arc, and electric spark, and chemical stability It is resistant to weathering, aging, radiation, physiological inertness, and good air permeability. The main component of silica gel is silica, which is chemically stable and does not burn.   Silica gel is a kind of amorphous silicon dioxide. The dust content in the workshop should be controlled to be no more than 10 mg/m3, ventilation should be strengthened, and a mask should be worn during operation. Silica gel has a strong adsorption capacity and can produce a drying effect on human skin. Therefore, you should wear work clothes during operation. If silica gel gets into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. The blue silica gel sealing strip is toxic because it contains a small amount of cobalt chloride. Avoid contact with food and inhalation. In case of poisoning, you should seek medical treatment immediately. The silica gel sealing strip absorbs water vapor or other organic substances in the medium during use, so the adsorption capacity is reduced, and it can be reused after regeneration. Silicone rubber compound is a synthetic rubber with excellent comprehensive performance. It can be widely used in aviation, cable, electronics, electrical appliances, chemical, instrumentation, cement, automobile, construction, food processing, medical equipment and other industries. It is used for molding and extrusion. And other machinery deep processing use.   The above is an article written by the editor for everyone on the material properties of silicone sealing strips and precautions during production. All sealing strip sizes are customized according to customer size requirements
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