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New Magnetic Mute Sealing Strip for Push-pull Door

New Magnetic Mute Sealing Strip for Push-pull Door


It took more than two months to work hard, from product development to sample production, and all kinds of installation indicators passed the test to mass production. The company technicians and customer engineers constantly improved the product process, installation structure and appearance details. Finally, on April 20, they passed the research and test, and the magnetic sound absorption and mute sealing strip entered the formal mass production.

The two-way magnetic absorption silent sealing strip matches the push-pull door frame made of aluminium alloy. The silent effect is remarkable. The matching aluminum alloy push-pull door has been applied for the patent of typhoon-proof silent door issued by the People's Republic of China, and participated in Haili Stainless Steel 2019 Guangdong Maoming Third National Window and Door Expo from April 26 to April 28, which was conducted by Zhengda, a famous Guangdong host with strong brand appeal. ” Typhoon-proof silent doors and windows "new product launch, favored by all major doors.

Small seal, big effect.

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