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Partition and screen seal series


Partition and screen seal series

Are widely used in the large exhibition center, hotel, business conference rooms, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, hospitals, churches, multi-functional conference hall, high clean factories, offices, the office of international schools and government agencies such as various types of indoor Spaces, in the most economic, efficient and reasonable way to separate and points of different types only activity space; Provide independent and uninterrupted space.

Activity partition and the connection part of the complete, equipped with double sealing strip, which can effectively cut off noise and dust, also can be appropriately compensate for building finished surface on the horizontal and vertical degree slightly insufficient, high partition wall glass Mosaic part of all installation of internal surrounding, are embedded with polymer material synthesis of sealing strip, effectively block the transmission of sound and dust to enter, is also appropriate to buffer the impact could damage and reduce the loss when the glass, also made by polymer material door preinstalled with sealing strip, make the whole of the partition wall insulation coefficient more achieve high standard accordingly.

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