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Patent of Metour Rubber Strip and Silicone Strip

by:Kenna     2021-04-19
The patents for rubber strips and silicone strips from Metro Auto are divided into self-adhesive and card slot types, which are used in different doors and windows, and are more convenient and feasible in operation and installation. What are the performance advantages of coated sealing strips? 1. Compression deformation test: Compression rate of 50% at 70℃ and continuous compression for 22 hours, deformation rate ≤10%2, compression force test, under 25% compression rate, 15N/100mm force applied, compression rate ≤10N3, temperature range test: from There is no obvious change in sealing performance from -40℃ to 90℃. 4. Thermal conductivity K value test: K value ≤ 0 at 0℃. Introduction to electrical cabinet door self-adhesive sealing strips are made of three types of self-adhesive sealing strips with good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, resistance to aging, ozone, and chemical effects, and a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +120°C). Ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) rubber is foamed and densely compounded. It contains unique metal clamps and tongue buckles, which is strong and durable. It plays a key role in various electrical cabinets. According to the classification of materials, the patented rubber strips and silicone rubber strips of Metro Auto can be divided into rubber sealing strips; plastic sealing strips; thermoplastic elastomer sealing strips. Many problems need to be paid attention to during installation. You can spray a little soapy water on the rubber seal. This method makes it more convenient for you to install, and in the usual maintenance, avoid direct sunlight, and put it in a cool place, so that the rubber seal can be used. With more performance, the service life can be extended. The product is environmentally friendly, easy to construct, and has good anti-seepage, anti-leakage and water-stop effects. 2) Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance +80℃~-45℃, no flow, no deformation, no embrittlement, long service life, thermoplastic EPDM rubber sealing strip The sealing strip is a new material developed on the basis of imported technology and domestic independent research and development in recent years. It is mainly used for automotive door and window sealing strips. In recent years, it has been used for building door and window sealing. Its outstanding advantages are: ①The performance and service life are equivalent to those of vulcanized EPDM rubber sealing strips. The skeleton sealing strip is co-extruded from dense rubber, foam rubber and steel wire/steel sheet. Also known as EPDM sealing strip (EPDM)-suitable for the special environment of -40℃ -+160℃, it has superior anti-ozone characteristics, anti-ultraviolet characteristics, resistance to chemical solvents, and various physical and chemical performance indicators far exceed Similar products. Patented material of Metour rubber strip and silicone strip: 1. Made of high-quality EPDM rubber, made by foaming process, 2. The back is made of imported double-sided tape, and the interlayer is meshed glass fiber. Scope of application and installation method: 1 , The electrical cabinet sealing strip is made of EPDM rubber foam with good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, aging resistance, ozone, chemical effects, and a wide temperature range (-40℃~+120℃). It is made of dense compound, and contains unique metal clamps and tongue buckles, which is strong and durable. Sealing strips are made of rubber, paper, metal, plastic and other materials. Low-end products use waste materials, substitute plasticizers and high filling levels, so that the strips have poor elasticity, tend to become hard, and have a nasty smell. , Easy migration makes the frame material yellow, short service life, characteristics 1. EPDM has excellent weather resistance, weather resistance refers to long-term resistance to severe cold, heat, dryness, and humidity, and is extremely resistant to rain and snow. Good corrosion resistance can fully extend the service life of the rubber strip; 2. Heat aging resistance refers to strong heat-resistant air aging resistance. At a high temperature of 120℃, the weather resistance of the sealing strip is still good, maintaining elastic properties, and its shape and function are not affected. Thermoplastic EPDM rubber sealing strips are often used in many luxury cars. Type of EPDM sealing strip, what kind of performance does it have in actual use? First of all, it is more flexible, which is very important. Only when this point is reached, can you maintain good performance when you use it, and at the same time, it will not be achieved in long-term use. Deformed. It is widely used in the fields of box sealing and building sealing. The cold resistance, heat resistance, foaming, solid, and special properties of different application fields developed and designed by our company can meet the application needs. Installation method of inlaid wooden door sealing strip :Because the width of the saw blade or grooving knife used by each manufacturer when grooving is different, there are usually 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 2.0mm, and most of them are 3mm, which is used in the purchase of seals. Be optimistic about the article. According to the classification of the section shape, the patented automobile rubber strips and silicone rubber strips of Metro Auto can be divided into solid core products (round, square, flat cross-section shapes), hollow products and metal rubber composite products. Second, heat aging The sex EPDM sealing strip has been tested many times before production. It can be seen from the experiment that the product can continue to work in a high temperature environment without aging. Therefore, many companies have adopted the product Use to improve work efficiency, so as to obtain more profits.
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