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Pay more attention to checking the car's sealing strip in the rainy season

by:Kenna     2021-03-12
Summer is here, and the monsoon rains are frequent. Kenner came to tell the car owner: pay attention to check the sealing of the car's rubber seals, and find leaks in time: for example, car doors, sunroofs, and trunks are all key inspection areas. Rainwater leaking into any part of the car will cause corrosion of the car body, which will affect the normal use of many parts. Therefore, it is necessary to clean, repair, and dry immediately after discovering the leakage of the car body to ensure the normal use of the car. One: Rain leaks around the door of the car door. Most of the reason is that there is a problem with the waterproof sealing strip pasted around. Check whether it is broken or peeling. If there is peeling, you can use a waterproof adhesive called a sealant to reattach it. Note Do not pull too much to avoid damage. If there is a small part that is loose and difficult to stick, simply peel it off and then stick it together. This can repair the distortion and slack of the waterproof strip. If part of the waterproof strip floats or twists, rainwater will often flow in from there, and it must be replaced in time when it is severely deformed. In addition, it is also particularly reminded that the car is mainly wary of the behavior of someone on the side of the road inserting an advertising business card on the window, which can easily damage the door seal. Once water enters the car door, it will affect the window control circuit, door lock block and window regulator. The rain will wash away the grease on these parts, causing these parts to work poorly and, in serious cases, the window lift switch will be damaged. Two: Skylight Skylights are also prone to leaks during the rainy season. Once the leakage is found, if the repair is not found in time, the skylight cannot be opened normally. Auto repair professionals said that the sunroof water ingress is generally caused by car owners neglecting the maintenance of the sunroof and the aging of the sealing ring. Do-it-yourself basic maintenance of the sunroof, the operation is very simple: you can fully open the sunroof, first wipe the dust on the sliding rail with a clean soft cloth; then use a lubricant that is not easy to absorb dust to carry out the sliding part and transmission pipeline of the skylight Just lubricate. In addition, special attention should be paid to the dustproof work of the sunroof sealing ring in daily life. In spring and autumn, you can clean the sealing ring with a wet sponge every quarter. Before the vehicle is parked for a long time, the sunroof should be thoroughly cleaned with talcum powder to avoid the natural aging of the sealant strip due to chemical reaction in the air for too long. When washing the car, check the rubber strips and grooves of the sunroof for dirt, leaves or twigs. Three: the trunk water in the trunk is not easy to find the owner. Poor sealing of the trunk seal and poor sealing of the rear taillights will cause water to accumulate in the car. For old vehicles and vehicles that have had accidents at the rear, focus should be placed on checking whether there is water in the spare tire position; if water is found to enter the trunk, the sealing strips should be replaced in time and the sealing of the lights should be checked. Four: Under the foot pads. The chassis of the car is equipped with drainage holes. If the rubber ring of the drainage hole is damaged or falls off, or the drainage hole is blocked by sand, it is easy for the accumulated water to enter the car after wading. After the rainy weather, you should check whether the underfoot pad is wet. If you find water, you should disassemble it and dry it in time to prevent rainwater from soaking the car chassis.
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