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Seal material classification

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PP weather strip

PP weather strip



Used for aluninun plastic doors and windows, sliding doors and closet door, can effectively play anti-collision,dust-proof,windproof,pest control,sound insulation,heat peeservation and other functions.


Use for polypropylene as raw material, through the BCF spinning,drafting, deformation and FDY twisting through the ribbon,cutting,gluing,self-adhesive,rolling combined process and made,in the production process of BCF texturized filament for coloring,silicification and adding anti-aging agent,so that the wool products are waterproof,wear-resistant,ultraviolet absorption and efficient light stability,anti aging effect.

Self-adhesive products are environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive self-adhesive type,high bonding strength,holding strong sticky,quick and easy installation and construction,with a strong weather-proof resistance function,the best construction weather between 0。-38。

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