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Precautions for the use of door and window sealing rubber strips

by:Kenna     2021-03-23
The glass is not installed in the center, the gap between the glass and the window frame is uneven, and the rubber sealing strip is not close to the glass and the window frame, and the installation is uneven. Knock the glass with your hand, there is a loose sound. The reason for this situation:    1. The sundries in the notch were not removed in time when the glass was installed, so that the glass and the notch were not centered.   2. The gap between the glass and the glass notch is uneven, and the rubber strip is in poor contact with the glass and the glass groove, protruding from the glass notch, and the sealing strip can be easily pulled off by hand.   3. The rubber strip is not broken at the corners, and glue is not glued. The corrective measures are:    1. Before installing the glass, carefully remove the debris in the notch, such as mortar, brick chips, wood blocks, etc., carefully align the glass when placing it, ensure that the gap on both sides is even, and correct and fix it in time to prevent The collision shifts away from the center of the notch.   2. The rubber sealing strip can not be pulled too tightly, and the blanking length is 20-30mm longer than the assembly length. The mounting should be in place when installing, the surface should be straight, and it should be in close contact with the glass and the glass notch, so that the force around the glass is even. At the corners, the rubber strips should be cut off at an inclined plane, and glue should be injected at the break to be firmly bonded.  3. When using sealant to caulk and fix glass, first squeeze the glass with a rubber strip or block to leave a gap for the glue. The depth of the glue should not be less than 5mm. Before the glue is cured, the glass should be kept free from vibration.
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