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Seal material classification

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PU - covered foam sealing strip

PU - covered foam sealing strip



Widely used in all kinds of high - grade furniture, high - grade building door, window system seal, sound insulation, heat preservation, shock absorption performance is very outstanding.


PU coated type foam sealing strip is in the soft cover a layer of waterproof sealing material, composite film abrasion resistance, anti-aging, prolong the service life of sealing material, with super capacity, deformation, tasteless, environmental protection, a more significant effect of sound insulation, anti-collision, after 20 years using 500000 times, still keep a good sealing effect, solves the sealing strip under different environment caused by permanent compression deformation after long-term use.

1) the use of a variety of different materials co-extrusion, self-adhesive and quick insertion design, just cut at the corner, can be quickly and simply installed, improve the production efficiency of 30%, reduce the waste of human resources, function lasting assembly efficiency is high.

2) the superior elasticity minimum error between the Windows, in cold conditions remain excellent flexibility, significant sound insulation noise reduction effect, heat preservation and heat insulation K value of 0.033 W/K ㎡, superior heat preservation and heat insulation performance, reduce 10% - 15% of heat loss.

3) stable performance and long service life in different environments, anti-aging, wear-resistant, non-wrinkling, non-stretching surface, no chemical reaction with all paints and cleaners; Free from high temperature, dust, mildew, uv and ozone.

4) rich color choices: white, coffee, black, gray, beige, brown and red.

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