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Quality Identification Method of Rubber Sealing Strip for Doors and Windows

by:Kenna     2021-03-21
1. There is a phenomenon of oil leakage on the surface. The waste engine oil is not compatible with PVC at all. Grease is prone to appear on the surface of the sealing strip, and yellow marks are also stained on the surface of the profile. Even if it is not environmentally friendly, there are a lot of volatile substances that pollute the air. 2. When those so-called plasticizers volatilize or ooze out, the sealing strip will lose its original softness, become very hard, and quickly age and shrink, so that a large gap appears in the airtight part of the door and window, and the airtightness changes. Very bad (water leakage, dust leakage), especially the steel lining inside the plastic steel doors and windows will quickly corrode. Many users often find that a lot of red liquid flows out from the bead parts inside the windows during the rainy season and it is dirty. Corroded early, the life of doors and windows will be greatly reduced. In the actual production process, the investment of the sealing strip accounts for a small proportion, but its role cannot be ignored. So there is no need to choose those counterfeit products in order to reduce the cost. The identification method is very simple. First, use your nose to smell whether there is any peculiar smell. Normal PVC material will have a little mellow smell, which is almost very small. To. Second, wrap the sealing strip on the profile as tightly as possible, and place it under high temperature for a period of time (on the roof or in a sunny place). Check whether the surface of the profile and the contact surface of the sealing strip is stained or discolored, whether the dust on the surface of the sealing strip is yellow (oil can easily absorb soil) and see if it is stained with dirty hands. Third, some relatively cheap sealing strips will have a lot of fillers, so the surface will not be very shiny, and those that are cheap and not shiny are not advisable. Fourth, look at the specific gravity, how many meters can be produced per kilogram. Many manufacturers have made great efforts in the use of fillers. In order to pursue greater output (saving a little electricity), they use talc, heavy calcium and the like as fillers, which greatly increase the proportion of sealing strip products. (We Users generally buy by kilograms and use them by length) This invisibly increases the cost more than the loss. The sealing strip with heavy calcium added, stretched back and forth by hand several times, a small amount of white powder will appear on the surface.
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