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Rail transit seal


Rail transit seal

Rail transit within the territory of a rail transit train door sealing device, including installation, fixed and sealing, plug door, rail vehicle and track traffic system and the hydrodynamic seal structure, the door sealing structure include: frame, threshold, door, door a body in the direction of inside and outside and on the left and right movably installed on the door to open and close the gate, threshold sets the threshold sealing strip on the surface, the door closed the gate threshold sealing strip, the foreign party up by the hydrodynamic pressure on the threshold. The sealing structure of the door body used for the sliding door can realize the sealing of the gap between the door body and the threshold and the sealing effect is good, which can effectively prevent the air leakage in the car body. At the same time, the sealing parts can also have a certain buffering effect, so as to reduce the impact force between the door body closing the threshold and the threshold.

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