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Ship hatch cover hermetic seal strip


Ship hatch cover hermetic seal strip

Suitable for all kinds of Marine outfitting products (ship doors and Windows, watertight doors, weathertight doors, portholes, hatch covers, manhole covers, ship Windows, sliding doors, sliding Windows, airtight doors, bridge Windows, ship covers) portholes, rectangular Windows and doors, covers, ladders, etc. Marine cover: quick opening and closing the hatch cover, the rotation type oil hatch covers, hatch cover, with net hatch cover, aluminum watertight hatch cover, trunk sealing epicranium, cover, hand hole cover, Marine door: hydraulic sliding door, quick open closed steel doors, weathertight door, steel door, stainless steel cabin door, aluminum door, airtight door on an empty stomach, sound insulation resistance valve, Marine window, aluminium Windows, steel scuttle, fire Windows, fire prevention rectangle window, revolving Windows, skylights, window, the fire FuWuChuang resistance, sound insulation window, deck window sealing systems, etc.

Material Description:

EPDM rubber,SIR rubber

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