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Silica gel strip with lamp buckle

by:Kenna     2021-04-11
Types and uses of door and window sealing strips with lamp buckle silicone strips Introduction: When we install doors and windows in life, there will always be a fixed gap, which causes the door and window departments to close tightly. The role of door and window sealing strips is used to eliminate these gaps. However, there are many types of door and window sealing strips, and their uses are also different. I have compiled some relevant information about the types of door and window sealing strips for everyone here. Door and window sealing strips can be divided into major categories in use: glass sealing strips, door leaf and door cover sealing strips and wool strips. The glass sealing strip is used to seal the gap between the glass leaf and the frame. The door leaf sealing strip is used to seal the gap between the door panel and the door frame, and the wool strip is mainly used to seal the gap between the frame and the door. It is said that in the installation process of various doors and windows, the sealing strip is indispensable. It plays a key role in the electrical cabinet. The skeleton seal is composed of dense rubber, foam rubber and steel wire film. The cabinet sealing strip is mainly used for cabinets, electrical cabinets, and machinery. It is mainly used for fixing effects and sound insulation, waterproofing, and waterproofing. Dust, airtight, recommended temperature range: PVC material 20°F-150°f(-29c-65, a door may not be beautiful, but a sealing strip must be installed to ensure sound insulation, temperature and sealing performance, it can be seen that, The necessity of the sealing strip to the door. 3. Among them, the weather sealing strip has a hollow sponge tube, which has a better function of maintaining temperature and humidity. Common weather sealing strips include door frame sealing strips, trunk sealing strips, engine box cover strips, etc. , Commonly used general sealing strips include front and rear windshield sealing strips and corner window sealing strips, inner and outer strips, etc., 4, 5, classified by material types, can be divided into rubber sealing strips; plastic sealing strips; thermoplastic elastomer sealing strips, with special functions Classification, some sealing strips have electronic intelligence functions, such as anti-pinch sealing strips, etc., Elastomer TPE water floating sealing strips are applied to door and window sealing strips, mainly divided into: plastic steel door and window sealing strips, aluminum alloy door and window sealing strips, wooden door sealing Strips, cold storage door sealing strips, grain storage door sealing strips, flame-retardant door and window sealing strips, glass sealing strips, automatic revolving door sealing strips, building door sealing strips, curtain wall sealing strips, etc. The so-called sealing strips with pores inside, this This kind of product is formed at one time through the microwave vulcanization process during production, so the surface is not only very smooth, but also has good aesthetics. It will not leave any joint marks during production, and it is also elastic and resistant. The ability to compress and deform is also very strong. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of foam sealing strips. The sealing strips play a role in sealing and waterproofing plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and wooden doors and windows. The sealing strip is for the material. The requirements are very high. First of all, it must have strong tensile ability and elasticity, as well as good temperature resistance and aging resistance. At the same time, in order to ensure the close contact between the sealing strip and the profile, the cross-sectional structure of the sealing strip must be in line with the door and window profile. It is generally suitable for hanging windows and folding doors and windows. The top is generally used to install on the sash of the push-type door and window to seal the gap between the frame and the sash. The specifications of the top can greatly affect the performance of the door and window. Watertight performance will also affect the opening and closing of doors and windows. If the size of the top is too large or the vertical hair is too high, it will be very difficult to assemble, and after assembly, the resistance of the doors and windows will change when they move. Large. If the fire specification is too small, or the vertical hair is too low, the door and window are prone to bracket phenomenon, which reduces the sealing performance of the door and window. There are two types of wool strips that have been siliconized and those that have not been siliconized. The use effect of the treatment will be better. The quality qualified top has the following characteristics: no obvious defects in appearance, straight surface, smooth bottom plate and vertical hair, no bending phenomenon, no pitting and other problems on the bottom plate, and conform to the size The use of silica gel strips for lamp buckle is mainly used in car door door frames, side windows, front and rear windshields, engine cover and trunk cover, which play a role in waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, temperature insulation, shock absorption, and decoration. Role alone The special formula design makes the EPDM rubber seals have excellent anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance and chemical resistance performance, good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, and will not crack or deform after long-term use. The original high sealing performance can be maintained between 50 degrees and 120 degrees. At a high temperature of 120°C, the weather resistance of the sealing strip is still good, and the elasticity is maintained. The shape and function are not affected. The low temperature elasticity, the temperature when the tensile capacity reaches 100MPa is -58, and the characteristics of the neoprene sealing strip: Compared with other special rubbers, the individual performance is worse, but the overall performance balance is good, with excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat aging resistance, oil and solvent resistance, good chemical resistance and excellent flame resistance. , Has good stickiness.
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