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Silicone anti-slip strips for stockings

by:Kenna     2021-03-24
Types and uses of long stockings silicone anti-skid strips door and window sealing strips Introduction: When we install doors and windows in life, there will always be certain gaps, which cause the doors and windows to close tightly. The role of door and window sealing strips is used to eliminate these gaps. However, there are many types of door and window sealing strips, and their uses are also different. I have compiled some relevant information about the types of door and window sealing strips for everyone here. Door and window sealing strips can be divided into major categories in use: glass sealing strips, door leaf and door cover sealing strips and wool strips. The glass sealing strip is used to seal the gap between the glass leaf and the frame. The door leaf sealing strip is used to seal the gap between the door panel and the door frame, and the wool strip is mainly used to seal the gap between the frame and the door. It is said that in the installation process of various doors and windows, the sealing strip is indispensable. In addition, the material proportion of this type of product (above 1, 4) is comparable to that of PVC (low-end vulcanized EPDM rubber strips have a larger proportion). The window rate is similar to that of PVC rubber strips, and the cost of use is relatively high, which is difficult for door and window companies to accept , The sealing strip can be classified according to several methods such as section shape, vulcanization method, use part and purpose, use material, etc. Product characteristics 1) Light bulk density, strong expansion and contraction strength, non-absorbent (replace the traditional three oil four felt, asphalt wood fir Board and other materials). Humanization 'In the past, the tradition has always paid more attention to materials and workmanship, ignoring the attention to humanization in use. What are the performance advantages of coated seals? 1. Compression deformation test: 50% compression rate at 70°C continues to compress 22 hours, deformation rate≤10%2, compression force test, under 25% compression rate, apply a force of 15N/100mm, compression rate≤10N3, temperature range test: from -40℃ to 90℃, the sealing performance is not obvious Change 4. Thermal conductivity K value test: K value ≤ 0 at 0°C. Durable, stable performance and long service life in different environments, anti-aging, abrasion resistance, surface no wrinkles, no stretching, no Sticky paint surface, not affected by high temperature, dust, mildew, anti-ultraviolet and ozone erosion, our value to you starts from your experience, durable and new, it is the real experience of users, beautifully wrapped PU sealing strips are green and environmentally friendly and stylishly sealed; it perfectly solves the contradiction between sealing and sound insulation, and achieves the dual effects of sealing and sound insulation; doors and windows are perfectly matched with products. The sealing strips play a role in sealing and waterproofing plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and wooden doors and windows. Sealing The requirements for the material of the strip are very high. First of all, it must have strong stretching ability and elasticity, as well as good temperature resistance and aging resistance. At the same time, in order to ensure the close contact between the sealing strip and the profile, the cross-sectional structure of the sealing strip must Matching with door and window profiles, it is generally suitable for hanging windows and folding doors and windows. The top is generally used to install on the fan of the push-type door and window to seal the gap between the frame and the fan. The specifications of the top can be largely It affects the watertight performance of doors and windows, and also affects the opening and closing of doors and windows. If the size of the top is too large, or the vertical hair is too high, it will be very difficult to assemble, and after assembly, the doors and windows will also move When the resistance becomes larger. If the fire specification is too small or the vertical hair is too low, the door and window are prone to bracket phenomenon, which reduces the sealing performance of the door and window. There are two types of wool strips that have been silicified and those that have not been silicified. Generally, the treated tops will have better results. The quality qualified tops have the following characteristics: there are no obvious defects in the appearance, the surface is straight, the bottom plate and the vertical hair are relatively smooth, there is no bending phenomenon, and there are no pitting and other problems on the bottom plate. Meet the size requirements. The stocking silicone anti-skid strip is made of soft and elastic, non-toxic and odorless after special processing, and can withstand 200 ℃ high temperature, high pressure and repeated cooking. It is used for thermal insulation and insulation of electrical products. , The internal pipes of drinking water systems, the internal connections of industrial refrigeration equipment and gas appliances, the sealing of machinery, lamps and other products, and the performance of the sealing strips greatly affect the air tightness, water tightness, and heat loss of building doors and windows. The important performance indicators of doors and windows and the firmness of doors and windows. 'Specialization' originated from Germany and has been popular in the European market for a long time. It is famous for its environmentally friendly sealing performance. The characteristics of impact resistance and environmental protection have attracted more and more consumers' attention. 'Functionality' has long been a functional, rational and reliable image of German design. Harmony and unity of function, logic and sense of order, 'The covered sealing strip structure makes the door leaf and the door cover tight and seamless, blocking sound penetration stronger, and has strong resilience, sound insulation and environmental protection. . The lip length and thickness should be appropriate. Too thick or too long will increase the resistance of the glass to lift. Too thin or too short will cause the glass to not be well guided and sealed, resulting in vibration, noise, and rain leakage; the second is The shape and size of the bottom of the section are designed. There are protrusions on the section of the window steel channel, which is used to assemble the guide groove. Therefore, the bottom of the guide groove section should be designed with a corresponding structure, which is easy to install and can utilize the elasticity of the sealing strip itself. It is attached to the steel guide groove to prevent it from coming out; it is the shape and size of the outer edge. In order to improve the appearance, the outer surface of the guide groove should be closely attached to the body. The main function of doors and windows is to seal, how to strengthen the seal, then the sealing strip plays a very critical role. The common sealing strips on the market are generally made of pvc material. The quality of the sealing strips mainly depends on the quality of the plasticizers added.
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