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Silicone block book

by:Kenna     2021-06-27
Silicone block book strips play a key role in electrical cabinets. The skeleton seal is composed of dense rubber, foam rubber and steel wire film. The cabinet seals are mainly used for cabinets, electrical cabinets, and machinery, and are mainly used for fixing effects and Soundproof, waterproof, dustproof, and airtight, recommended temperature range: PVC material 20°F-150°f(-29c-65, one door can be not beautiful, but sealing strips must be installed to ensure sound insulation, temperature and sealing performance Therefore, it can be seen that the sealing strip is necessary for the door. Automobile product rubber formula and its preparation method and process Background technology: At present, the low temperature performance of rubber products used in automobiles on the market is generally around -25°C, but in places with harsh weather The rubber parts on the off-car cannot withstand the airflow of the cold air, which greatly reduces the product life. The performance of the rubber products used in the car directly affects personal safety. For example, Toyota recalled the parts sold in the past few years due to the problem of auto parts Automobiles lead to serious reputational consequences. Therefore, all automobile manufacturers need a rubber product with long-term stable performance and sufficient safety. Silicone blocks the book strip and the weather resistance of the sealing strip is still good at a high temperature of 120 ℃, maintaining elastic properties and shape , The function has not been affected. Thermoplastic EPDM rubber sealing strips are often used in many luxury cars now. This type of EPDM sealing strips are also used in actual use. This kind of performance? First of all, it’s more flexible, which is very important. Only when this point is reached, can you maintain good performance when you use it, and at the same time, it can be used for a long time. It will not be deformed during use. Generally, EPDM sealing strips can be used stably for more than ten years. With the continuous development and maturity of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) technology, the application fields continue to expand. According to the classification of vulcanization (1) Discontinuous vulcanization method (After cutting the extruded rubber strip to a certain length, put it into a vulcanizing tank for vulcanization, and put the semi-finished product of the extruded rubber strip into the model to vulcanize); (2) Continuous vulcanization method (microwave continuous vulcanization method, salt bath continuous vulcanization method) , Hot air continuous vulcanization and other methods). The length and thickness of the lip should be appropriate, too thick or too long will make the glass lifting resistance too large, too thin or too short will cause the glass to not be well guided and sealed , Causing vibration, noise, and rain leakage; the second is the shape and size design of the bottom of the section. There are protrusions on the section of the window steel channel, which is used to assemble the guide groove. Therefore, the bottom of the guide groove section should be designed with a corresponding structure. It is easy to install, and can use the elasticity of the sealing strip itself to attach to the steel guide groove to prevent it from falling out; it is the shape and size of the outer edge. In order to improve the appearance, the outer surface of the guide groove should be closely attached to the car body. Technical realization Elements: The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a rubber formula for automobile products and a preparation method thereof, which has good low-temperature performance, can withstand the attack of cold air in a harsh climate, and guarantees good performance, thereby ensuring the human body Safety. Technical realization elements: The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a rubber formula for automobile products and a preparation method thereof, which has good low-temperature performance and is It can withstand the invasion of cold air in a harsh climate, and ensure good performance, thereby ensuring personal safety. Silicone block book strips 4. The aviation industry has also been used in the aviation industry, especially oxygen mask seals and waterproof covers, air tight seals and shock absorption, etc. These aspects have a great demand for this material , In order to improve the comfort of the car, we also need to pay attention to some details, especially the car sealing strip. This product is also very useful and can effectively improve the comfort of use. Let us look at it below. Look at the role of car sealing strips. Sealing strips are made of rubber, paper, metal, plastic and other materials. Low-end products use waste materials, substitute plasticizers and high filling levels, so that the strips have poor elasticity, tend to become hard, and have a nasty smell. , Easy migration makes the frame material yellow, short service life, characteristics 1. EPDM has excellent weather resistance, weather resistance refers to long-term resistance to severe cold, heat, dryness, and humidity, and is extremely resistant to rain and snow. Good corrosion resistance can fully extend the service life of the rubber strip; 2. Heat aging resistance refers to strong heat-resistant air aging resistance. Material: 1. Made of high-quality EPDM rubber, made by foaming process, 2. The back is made of imported double-sided tape, the interlayer is grid-shaped glass fiber, the scope of application and installation method
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