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Silicone braided strip weaving

by:Kenna     2021-05-09
Silicone braided strips are woven and play a key role in electrical cabinets. The skeleton seal is composed of dense rubber, foam rubber and steel wire film. The cabinet sealing strips are mainly used for cabinets, electrical cabinets, and machinery, and are mainly used for fixing effects and Soundproof, waterproof, dustproof, and airtight, recommended temperature range: PVC material 20°F-150°f(-29c-65, one door can be not beautiful, but sealing strips must be installed to ensure sound insulation, temperature and sealing performance Therefore, it can be seen that the sealing strip is necessary for the door. Introduction to the self-adhesive sealing strip for electrical cabinet doors The self-adhesive sealing strip for electrical cabinet doors is made of good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, aging resistance, ozone, chemical effects, and a wide operating temperature The range (-40℃~+120℃) of EPDM rubber is foamed and densely compounded. It contains unique metal clamps and tongue-shaped buckles, which is sturdy and durable. It plays a very good role in various electrical cabinets. The key role. The advantages of woven silicone braid are irreplaceable by other materials such as PVC. It is suitable for products with different shapes, different materials, or cold resistance, heat resistance, foaming, solid body, and special performance requirements. It can meet the needs of design and use. Automobile sealing strip production process 1. Extrusion of rubber sealing strips for automobiles is extruded by cold feed extruder. The extruder head has single head and compound (double compound and multiple compound) machines. The screw length to diameter ratio of the microwave vulcanizing extruder is generally 16, and the screw length to diameter ratio of the shearing head vulcanizing extruder is greater than 20. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the improvement of housing conditions, Improvement and people's high attention to home decoration, the privacy of indoor rooms, sound insulation and sealing effect are more and more people concerned, 035W/m2K; 5. Fatigue resistance test: imitating window opening and closing 500,000 times, no obvious change in shape 6 , Sound insulation test: only IV68 windows with intermediate strips, 43 decibels noise reduction 7, IV76 windows with intermediate strips and additional adhesive strips, 45 decibels noise reduction 8. Outdoor aging resistance test: it has been more than 20 years ,Performance is maintained intact series of products are environmentally friendly products, do not contain CFC harmful substances. The skeleton sealing strip is co-extruded by dense rubber, foamed rubber and steel wire/steel sheet. Also known as EPDM sealing strip (EPDM) -Suitable for the special environment of -40℃ -+160℃, it has superior anti-ozone characteristics, anti-ultraviolet characteristics, chemical solvent resistance characteristics, various physical and chemical performance indicators far exceed similar products. Silicone braided strips are at a low level. Price-competitive door and window companies are still in use. Mid- and high-end PVC strips can meet standard indicators and have a relatively long service life. 5. Because of their excellent physical and mechanical properties, they are often used in the manufacture of airplanes, cars, trains, and buses. , Ships, high and low voltage switch cabinets, glass curtain walls, aluminum alloy heat-breaking window sealing parts and diving products, high-pressure steam hoses, tunnels, viaduct joints and other waterproof parts and other industrial and agricultural sealing parts, 8℃, EPDM Rubber has excellent UV resistance, weather resistance, heat aging resistance, low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, and good electrical insulation. Edgeness, elasticity and other physical and mechanical properties. 2. The semi-finished rubber sealing strip extruded by the vulcanization cold feed extruder is vulcanized by continuous vulcanization process. The vulcanization methods include microwave vulcanization, shear head vulcanization, salt bath vulcanization and fluidized bed Vulcanization (also known as fluidized bed vulcanization, the heating medium is medium 0. Doors and windows bring light and vitality to the living room. Doors and windows extend the limited space infinitely. Said ternary bc sealing strip (rubber EPDM)-suitable for special environments at -40°C-+160°C, and has superior ozone resistance Characteristics and anti-purple light characteristics and chemical solvent resistance characteristics, far beyond similar products, widely used in vehicle seals and building seals, in addition to various physical and chemical performance indicators in the field, our company has developed and designed hardy and heat for different fields of use. It also delivers foam and solids, with special properties that can meet the needs of the application. Good airtightness and watertightness can realize the green and energy-saving of the building, prevent heat conduction, and realize the energy-saving and thermal insulation function of warm in winter and cool in summer. The coated sealing strip keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of the world and gives you a A quiet and comfortable life, here, we have a covered sealing strip, which can meet the use of people of all ages, from the moment you are born, to accompany you throughout your life! Choosing a covered seal, choosing a quiet life, happiness is so simple! . It is widely used in the fields of box sealing and building sealing. The cold resistance, heat resistance, foaming, solid, and special properties of different application fields developed and designed by our company can meet the application needs. Installation method of inlaid wooden door sealing strip :Because the width of the saw blade or grooving knife used by each manufacturer when grooving is different, usually there are 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 2.0mm, and most of them are 3mm. They are used in the purchase of seals. Be optimistic about the article. Among the woven silicone braid strips, metal rubber composite sealing strips account for more than 60%. For rubber sealing strips, the cross-sectional design is very important. The first is the shape and size of the sealing lip. The sealing lips on both sides should be the same and appropriate in size. The force touches the glass from both sides of the window glass
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