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Silicone foam strip

by:Kenna     2021-07-16
Silicone foam strips are very good in heat resistance and cold resistance, insulation and conductivity, and flame retardancy. They can be used at 100-120℃ for a long time, and can be used for a long time at 140-150℃. It maintains effective physical properties within a short period of time, and can withstand high temperatures of 230-260℃ in a short time. It can delay the effect of sudden accidents in urban buildings; plus the use of special formulas, EPDM is at -50℃ The feel is similar to 150℃, which creates a high efficiency work performance for the production site installation. Types and uses of door and window sealing strips Introduction: When we install doors and windows in our lives, there will always be a fixed gap, which leads to tightly closed doors and windows. The door and window sealing strips are used to eliminate these gaps. However, there are many types of door and window sealing strips, and their uses are also different. I have compiled some relevant information about the types of door and window sealing strips for everyone here. Door and window sealing strips can be divided into major categories in use: glass sealing strips, door leaf and door cover sealing strips and wool strips. The glass sealing strip is used to seal the gap between the glass leaf and the frame. The door leaf sealing strip is used to seal the gap between the door panel and the door frame, and the wool strip is mainly used to seal the gap between the frame and the door. It is said that in the installation process of various doors and windows, the sealing strip is indispensable. The sealing strip plays a role of sealing and waterproofing in plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and wooden doors and windows. Sealing strips have very high requirements for materials. First, they must have strong stretchability and elasticity, as well as good temperature resistance and aging resistance. At the same time, in order to ensure the close contact between the sealing strip and the profile, the cross-sectional structure of the sealing strip must match the profile of the door and window, which is generally suitable for hanging windows and folding doors and windows. 'Specialization' originated from Germany and has been popular in the European market for a long time. It is famous for its environmentally friendly sealing performance. The sound insulation, heat preservation, sealing, impact resistance and environmental protection characteristics of the coated sealing strip have been more and more Many consumers pay attention to 'functionality'. For a long time, German design has always been a well-functioning, rational and reliable image, especially the harmony and unity of the entire product in terms of technology, function, logic and sense of order. The sealing strip structure makes the door leaf and the door sleeve tight and seamless, has stronger sound penetration resistance, and has strong resilience, sound insulation and environmental protection. It is used to maintain the door, window glass and front and rear windows of the car body. Triangular windows and other parts, its better maintenance to ensure safe and comfortable driving, but few car owners pay attention to its maintenance, but in fact its maintenance is very important, because once its aging and damage occurs, it will cause rain leakage in the cabin. , It can increase the driving wind noise of the car, and it is easy to corrode the car body by rain leakage. We can maintain the effect of wind and rain, dustproof, heat insulation and sound insulation in the car by maintaining it. It plays a role in buffering, absorbing shock and retaining glass. It also plays a decorative role on the edge of the door and window junction, so the owner must maintain it frequently. The wool strip is used to install on the fan of the push-type door and window to seal the frame The gap between the top and the fan. The size of the top can greatly affect the watertight performance of doors and windows, and also affect the opening and closing of doors and windows. If the size of the top is too large, or the vertical hair is too high, it will be in the assembly It is very difficult, and after assembly, the resistance of the doors and windows will increase when they move. If the fire size is too small, or the vertical hair is too low, the doors and windows are prone to bracketing, which reduces the sealing of the doors and windows. There are generally two types of tops that have been silicified and those that have not been silicified. Generally, the treated ones will have better results. The qualified tops have the following characteristics: no obvious defects in appearance, straight surface, and comparison of bottom and vertical hairs Smooth, no bending, and no pitting or other problems on the bottom plate, in line with the size requirements. According to the classification of material types, automobile sealing strips can be divided into rubber sealing strips; plastic sealing strips; thermoplastic elastomer sealing strips. Many problems need our attention. You can spray a little soapy water when installing the rubber seal. This method can make it more convenient for you to install, and avoid direct sunlight in the usual maintenance. Put it in a cool place, so that the rubber sealing strip can exert more performance, and the service life can be prolonged. The characteristics of the car sealing strip are in the -40 ℃ low temperature resistance test, the sealing strip will not be hard, not brittle, and still Maintains softness and good adhesion of the rubber strip, showing excellent cold resistance. Automotive sealing strips are mainly composed of good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, aging resistance, ozone, chemical effects, and a wide temperature range (-40 ℃~+120℃) EPDM rubber is foamed and densely compounded. It contains unique metal clamps and tongue-shaped buckles, which are durable and easy to install. And at a high temperature of 120℃
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