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Silicone heating strip factory direct sales

by:Kenna     2021-07-08
Silicone heating strips are sold directly by the factory, durable and maintain stable performance and long service life in different environments, anti-aging, wear-resistant, surface wrinkle, non-stretching, non-stick paint surface, free from high temperature and dust Influencing, non-mildew and anti-ultraviolet and ozone erosion, our value to you starts from your experience. It is durable and new forever. It is the real experience of users. The beautiful coated PU sealing strip is green and environmentally friendly, and it is stylishly sealed; perfect Solve the contradiction between sealing and sound insulation, and realize the double effect of sealing and sound insulation; doors and windows are perfectly matched with products. Automobile product rubber formula and its preparation method and process Background technology: At present, the low temperature performance of rubber products used in automobiles on the market is generally around -25°C, but the rubber parts on automobiles cannot withstand cold air in a harsh climate. The airflow caused the product life to be greatly reduced. The performance of rubber products used in automobiles directly affects personal safety. For example, the recall of some of the cars sold by Toyota in the past few years caused serious reputational consequences. Therefore, all automobile manufacturers need a long-term stable performance. Adequately safe rubber products. The 'specialized' factory direct sale of silicone heating strips originated from Germany and has been popular in the European market for a long time. It is famous for its environmentally friendly sealing performance. The coated sealing strips have sound insulation, heat preservation, sealing, impact resistance and environmental protection. Features attract more and more consumers' attention. 'Functionality' has long been a functional, rational and reliable image of German design, especially the harmony and unity of the entire product in terms of technology, function, logic and sense of order. , 'The covered sealing strip structure makes the door leaf and the door cover tightly and seamlessly, and has stronger sound penetration resistance, and has strong resilience, sound insulation and environmental protection., The elastomer TPE water float sealing tape is applied to Door and window sealing strips are mainly divided into: plastic steel door and window sealing strip, aluminum alloy door and window sealing strip, wooden door sealing strip, cold storage door sealing strip, grain storage door sealing strip, flame retardant door and window sealing strip, glass sealing strip, automatic revolving door sealing strip, Building door sealing strips, curtain wall sealing strips, etc., are the so-called sealing strips with pores inside. When this product is produced, it is formed at one time through the microwave vulcanization process, so the surface is not only very smooth, but also very Good aesthetics, no joint marks will be left during production. At the same time, elasticity and resistance to compression deformation are also very strong. Let us take a detailed look at the characteristics of foam sealing strips. 'Specialization' Coated sealing strips originated from Germany and have been popular in the European market for a long time. They are famous for their environmentally friendly sealing performance. PVC sealing strip vendors have made great efforts in using fillers. Some manufacturers are pursuing greater output, (saving a little Electricity) The use of talc, heavy calcium and the like as fillers greatly increases the specific gravity of the sealing strip products. (Our users generally buy by kilograms and use them according to length). This invisibly increases the cost and seriously reduces The quality is too high to try. Technical realization factors: The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a rubber formula for automobile products and a preparation method thereof, which has good low temperature performance and can withstand the attack of cold air in a harsh climate. , To ensure good performance, thereby ensuring personal safety. Technical realization elements: The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a rubber formula for automobile products and a preparation method thereof, which has good low-temperature performance and can withstand the harsh climate. The invasion of cold air ensures good performance and personal safety. The direct sale of silicone heating strips is due to the fact that PVC products contain halogens and heavy metals in stabilizers, which are not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, developed foreign countries and domestic Beijing and coastal cities have been eliminated or restricted. Using PVC strips, low temperature elasticity, the temperature when the tensile capacity reaches 100MPa is -58, EPDM is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of third monomer non-conjugated diene, international name: EthyienePropyeneDieneMethyiene, abbreviated as EPDM 。It is divided into self-adhesive type and card slot type. It is used in different doors and windows. It is more convenient and feasible in operation and installation. It does not react with any paint or cleaning agent. Customers do not need to worry about the integrity and beauty of doors and windows. Transmission parts: bullet base and key or solid Set screw 1. Use your nose to smell for any peculiar smell. Normal PVC sealing strips will have a pungent smell. Normal silicone rubber sealing strips will only have a little mellow smell, the smell is very small, and it can hardly smell. To. According to the classification of materials, automobile sealing strips can be divided into rubber sealing strips; plastic sealing strips; thermoplastic elastomer sealing strips. In use, many problems need to be paid attention to. You can spray a little when installing rubber sealing strips. Soapy water, this method can make it more convenient for you to install, and in the usual maintenance, avoid direct sunlight, and put it in a cool place, so that the rubber seal can exert more performance, and the service life can be Get extended. Technical features: 1. An automobile product rubber, characterized in that the automobile product rubber is composed of EPDM, carbon black, softening oil, processing aids, and accelerators. 2. The automobile product rubber of claim 1, wherein the automobile product rubber is based on a weight ratio of 100 for EPDM, 90 for carbon black, 20 for softening oil, and 15 for processing aids. , The accelerator is 5.
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