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Silicone sealing strip, how to distinguish quality

by:Kenna     2021-07-02
Kenner introduces silicone seals. The quality of silicone seals is relatively good, high temperature resistance performance but poor use, there will be quality problems, the following is an analysis of the reasons for everyone: Silicone rubber seals are silicone rubber products It has a transparent and smooth appearance, is soft and elastic, resistant to high and low temperatures (-80℃-280℃), is not easy to age, non-toxic and tasteless. It has good elasticity (Shore 35-75 degrees), does not deform, Resistant to slight acids and alkalis. In addition, it also has good performance in ozone resistance, solvent resistance, and electrical insulation. It is widely used in chemical, food, medicine, electronics, and machinery industries. However, we will encounter some problems in the process of use, the following author analyzes this phenomenon. The sealing effect of silicone rubber sealing strip depends on the material, structure and installation process. The quality problems of the sealing strip are mainly manifested in: 1.   It becomes hard and brittle shortly after use, and loses its elasticity and sealing function;   2.   Shrinks and falls off within a short time after installation;   3. The sealing strip is 'false' installation due to structural reasons;     4 .After being irradiated by the sun or heated, the sealing tape will stick. Solution: The selection process of sealing strip materials under various chemical conditions must be realistic. While considering the cost factor, the use environment and working conditions of the materials must be taken into account. Generally, fluorine rubber sealing strip can be used for high temperature; cold-resistant sealing strip can be used for low temperature. In the case of bottom corrosion, sealing strips with good comprehensive performance can be selected, such as EPDM rubber sealing strips; if it is to reach food grade, silicone rubber sealing strips can be used. In summary, although silicone rubber sealing strips have good performance advantages such as heat resistance, cold resistance, insulation, electrical conductivity, flame retardancy, etc., in the process of use, suitable silicone rubber sealing strips should be selected according to the actual situation. , This can avoid the poor use effect of the sealing strip and prevent waste.
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