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Silicone self-adhesive tape

by:Kenna     2021-05-05
Silicone self-adhesive tape, these advantages are irreplaceable by other materials such as PVC. It can meet the requirements of products with different shapes, different materials, or cold resistance, heat resistance, foaming, solid body, and special performance. Design and use needs, automobile sealing strip production process 1. Extrusion of rubber sealing strips for automobiles is extruded by a cold feed extruder. The extruder head has a single head, a composite (double composite and multiple composite) head and Shear head, among them, the screw length to diameter ratio of the microwave vulcanization extruder is generally 16, and the screw length to diameter ratio of the shear head vulcanization extruder is greater than 20. Introduction to electrical cabinet door self-adhesive sealing strips are made of three types of self-adhesive sealing strips with good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, resistance to aging, ozone, and chemical effects, and a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +120°C). Ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) rubber is foamed and densely compounded. It contains unique metal clamps and tongue buckles, which is strong and durable. It plays a key role in various electrical cabinets. Silicone self-adhesive tape 'specialized' coated sealing strip originated from Germany and has been popular in the European market for a long time. It is famous for its environmentally friendly sealing performance. In pursuit of greater output, (saving a little electricity) using talcum powder, heavy calcium and the like as fillers, greatly increasing the proportion of sealing strip products (our users generally buy by kilograms and use them by length) This virtually increases the cost and seriously reduces the quality. Don't try. 2. The construction industry This product has also been applied in the construction industry. Some glass materials can be filled and caulked. The door and window sealing is also inseparable from this product. The above content fully introduces the characteristics of the role of automobile sealing strips. Introduced, we can find that this kind of sealing strip has a very big effect through understanding, and the environmental performance of this product is also very good, which not only brings good comfort, but also safety and beauty. So it is a very practical product. The skeleton sealing strip is co-extruded from dense rubber, foam rubber and steel wire/steel sheet. Also known as EPDM sealing strip (EPDM)-suitable for the special environment of -40℃ -+160℃, it has superior anti-ozone characteristics, anti-ultraviolet characteristics, resistance to chemical solvents, and various physical and chemical performance indicators far exceed Similar products. Silicone self-adhesive tapes are very good in heat resistance, cold resistance, insulation, conductivity, and flame retardancy. They can be used at 100-120℃ for a long time, and can be used for a long time at 140-150℃. It maintains effective physical properties within a short period of time, and can withstand high temperatures of 230-260°C in a short time, which can delay the effect of sudden accidents in urban buildings; plus the use of special formulas, EPDM rubber is at -50°C The feel is similar to 150℃, which creates a high efficiency work performance for the production site installation. Among them, the classification according to the title of the device (component) is a common way, which includes the engine room sealing strip, the front and rear wind window sealing strips, the door frame sealing strip, the door sealing strip, the door glass guide groove sealing strip, the lower door dust strip, Internal and external sealing strips for door and window sills, side window sealing strips, sunroof sealing strips, roof cover sealing strips, trunk (luggage box) sealing strips, etc. Installation method: self-contained double-sided tape, just stick it directly (the sticking surface must be smooth, Clean, smooth and dry). It is a kind of sealing strip that uses the characteristics of certain materials to make pores appear inside through processing. It is divided into EPDM foam sealing strip, silicone foam sealing strip, and PU foam sealing strip. Fourth, some prices There are a lot of fillers for cheaper sealing strips, so the surface will not be very shiny, the color will be dim, the cross section of the sealing strip will be very rough, the hand feel is stiff, the stretch is almost inelastic, the color of the silicone rubber seal is bright, the hand feels soft, and the stretch Very elastic, cut off the sealing strip, the broken section becomes a delicate luster. It is widely used in the fields of box sealing and building sealing. The cold resistance, heat resistance, foaming, solid, and special properties of different application fields developed and designed by our company can meet the application needs. Installation method of inlaid wooden door sealing strip :Because the width of the saw blade or grooving knife used by each manufacturer when grooving is different, there are usually 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 2.0mm, and most of them are 3mm, which is used in the purchase of seals. Be optimistic about the article. Silicone self-adhesive rubber strips are divided into 3M back-adhesive small D-shaped sealing strips, 3M back-adhesive large D-shaped sealing strips, 3M back-adhesive large P-shaped sealing strips, A, microwave continuous vulcanization composite sealing strip: microwave vulcanization The technology is a production technology applied and widely promoted after the foreign energy crisis in the 1970s. The use of microwave continuous vulcanization technology can not only produce composite strips composed of metal core, solid rubber and sponge rubber, but also save energy and improve The work efficiency is superior to other continuous vulcanization equipment. The surface of the silicone rubber sealing strip is very flat. When observing its surface, we will also find that its surface has a very uniform foaming density and good resilience performance. The choice of sealing material determines In order to have long-term softness and elasticity, through formula adjustment, the softness of the sealant after drying can be improved to form a good sealing layer between the sheet metal and the rubber strip. The unique high elasticity of butyl rubber ensures the sealing The glue is easy to peel from the metal sheet without contaminating the sheet metal. Just install the sealing strip directly into the groove opened in advance on the door stop line, and it must be about 15mm longer, so as to prevent the strip from being shortened.
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