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Silicone strip color grade

by:Kenna     2021-05-16
The color grades of silicone strips are classified according to the material. The rubber materials of automobile sealing strips are compact rubber, sponge rubber and hard rubber. The hardness of hard rubber can reach Shore A95. EPDM can be combined with steel tape, steel wire braided tape, TPE, Flannel, flocking, PU coating, organic silicon coating, etc., to ensure the waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, vibration reduction, wear resistance and decoration effects of the car interior and the outside world and itself, and it can also choose to have good ozone resistance Chloroprene rubber (CR) with high performance and good aging resistance. Introduction to the electrical cabinet door self-adhesive sealing strip is composed of three types with good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, resistance to aging, ozone, chemical effects, and a wide operating temperature range (-40℃~+120℃). Ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) rubber is foamed and densely compounded. It contains unique metal clamps and tongue-shaped buckles, which is sturdy and durable. It plays a key role in various electrical cabinets. The sound insulation, heat preservation, airtightness, impact resistance and environmental protection characteristics of silicone strip color grades have attracted more and more consumers’ attention. 'Functionality' has long been a functional, rational and reliable design in Germany. The image of the product, especially the harmony and unity of the entire product in terms of technology, function, logic and sense of order. 'The covered sealing strip structure makes the door leaf and the door sleeve tight and seamless, blocking sound penetration, and has a strong Resilience, sound insulation and environmental protection. China's automobile door sealing strip is one of the important parts of automobiles, and it is one of the important parts that determine the quality of the automobile. What are the more important parts in the automobile Function, foam sealing strip 1. The basic concept of mechanical seal: mechanical seal is maintained by at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation under the action of fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism and the cooperation of the auxiliary seal It is a device to prevent fluid leakage by sticking and relatively sliding. The skeleton sealing strip is co-extruded by dense rubber, foamed rubber and steel wire/steel sheet. Also known as EPDM sealing strip (EPDM)-suitable for- The special environment of 40℃ -+160℃ has excellent anti-ozone characteristics, anti-ultraviolet characteristics, chemical solvent resistance characteristics, and various physical and chemical performance indexes far exceed similar products. The characteristics of the color of the silicone strip are at -40°C. In the low-temperature resistance test, the sealing strip does not become hard and brittle, and still maintains softness and good adhesion of the strip, showing excellent cold resistance. The automotive sealing strip is mainly composed of good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, Anti-aging, ozone, chemical action, wide temperature range (-40℃~+120℃) EPDM rubber foamed and densely compounded, with unique metal fixture and tongue shape Buckle, sturdy and durable, easy to install. 'Specialization' originated from Germany and has been popular in the European market for a long time. It is famous for its environmentally friendly sealing performance, and the sound insulation, heat preservation, sealing and impact resistance of the coated sealing strip The characteristics of environmental protection and environmental protection have attracted more and more consumers' attention. 'Functionality' has long been a functional, rational and reliable image of German design, especially in terms of technology, function, logic and sense of order. Harmony and unity,' the covered sealing strip structure makes the door leaf and the door cover tight and seamless, has stronger sound penetration resistance, and has strong resilience, sound insulation and environmental protection. It can be used at 100-120℃ for a long time, and it can maintain effective physical properties for a long period of time at 140-150℃. It can withstand high temperature of 230-260℃ in a short time. It can be used in sudden accidents to urban buildings. To delay effect; coupled with the use of special formula, EPDM rubber feels similar at -50℃ to 150℃, which creates high efficiency work performance for installation on the production site. 3. Because EPDM has excellent resistance Ozone, also known as 'crack-free rubberIt provides environmental protection for residents of high-rise buildings; it can withstand voltages of 60~150KV, corona resistance, electric crack resistance, and arc resistance, and it is also very good.
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