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Silicone strip turning

by:Kenna     2021-05-18
Silicone strips are turning, and the introduction of car sealing strips. Sealing is an important indicator of the quality of a car. The car sealing strip is one of the important parts that determine the pros and cons of this index. It is widely used in the front and rear windshields of automobiles. Car doors, windows, engine room, trunk and other body parts fill the gaps between body parts. They have the functions of shock absorption, waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, decoration, etc., and play a maintenance role for the drivers and the entire vehicle. There are many ways to classify the sealing strip products, usually according to the title of the device part (component), the type of data, the number of composite data, and the working characteristics to stop the classification. Introduction to the electrical cabinet door self-adhesive sealing strip is composed of three types with good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, resistance to aging, ozone, chemical effects, and a wide operating temperature range (-40℃~+120℃). Ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) rubber is foamed and densely compounded. It contains unique metal clamps and tongue-shaped buckles, which is sturdy and durable. It plays a key role in various electrical cabinets. The silica gel strip turns B, the salt bath continuous vulcanization seal strip: the salt bath vulcanization adopts the salt bath system containing nitrite, which has great environmental pollution and has been gradually eliminated. C, according to the cross-sectional shape classification can be divided into solid products (round Shape, square, flat cross-section shape), hollow products and metal rubber composite products, EPDM rubber seals are much stronger than PVC rubber strips in terms of sealing elasticity and durability, but due to the need for microwave vulcanization line shaping , The processing energy consumption is high, usually more than 20 times that of PVC processing. The product cannot be reused, is not environmentally friendly, and is not an advocated product. Humanization 'In the past, the tradition has always paid more attention to materials and workmanship, ignoring the attention to humanization in use. What are the performance advantages of coated seals? 1. Compression deformation test: 50% compression rate at 70°C continues to compress 22 hours, deformation rate≤10%2, compression force test, under 25% compression rate, apply a force of 15N/100mm, compression rate≤10N3, temperature range test: from -40℃ to 90℃, the sealing performance is not obvious Change 4. Thermal conductivity K value test: K value ≤ 0 at 0°C. The frame sealing strip is co-extruded from dense rubber, foamed rubber and steel wire/steel sheet. Also known as EPDM (EPDM)- Applicable to the special environment of -40℃ -+160℃, it has excellent anti-ozone characteristics, anti-ultraviolet characteristics, chemical solvent resistance characteristics, and various physical and chemical performance indexes far exceed similar products. Talking about the effect of epdm on doors and windows With the further development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of living standards, and the call of an energy-saving and harmonious society that has been advocated, we all know that doors and windows are the eyes of the building, and its energy loss can account for the total energy of the building. The 40% loss of energy consumption has attracted enough attention, especially in large cities like the capital Beijing. In 2004, the heat transfer coefficient of doors and windows (indices for heat preservation and energy saving) was used as a mandatory acceptance index in all provinces, cities, and regions across the country. With great attention and implementation, energy-saving doors and windows have become the mainstream of building doors and windows. At a high temperature of 120 ℃, the weather resistance of the sealing strip is still good, and the elastic performance is maintained. The shape and function are not affected. The thermoplastic ternary Ethylene-propylene rubber sealing strips are often used in many luxury cars nowadays. What kind of performance does it have in actual use? First of all, its flexibility It is relatively large, which is very important. Only when this point is reached, can you maintain good performance when you use it, and at the same time, it will not be deformed during long-term use. Sealing strips are used in doors and windows. A very important part, it can not only ensure the watertightness of doors and windows, but also reduce the sound insulation, and at the same time, it can also be protected by external forces. However, due to the usual sun exposure, it will cause aging, shrinkage or deformation, so we need to check it regularly. The specific gravity, if it is of good quality, the weight will be lighter, if it is a defective product, the weight will be heavier. This is because the regular manufacturers use calcium carbonate as a filler and some manufacturers use talcum powder to increase the weight of the product, so we look at the specific gravity when buying It is easy to distinguish good products and inferior products. It is widely used in the fields of box sealing and building sealing. The cold resistance, heat resistance, foaming, solid, and special properties of the different application fields developed and designed by our company can meet the application Need. The installation method of the inlaid wooden door sealing strip: Because the width of the saw blade or the grooving knife used by each manufacturer when grooving is different, there are usually 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 2.0mm. Mostly use 3mm, and you must be optimistic when you use it when purchasing sealing strips. Silicone strip turning doors and windows are barriers to a quiet living environment, doors and windows It is also an important and interesting bridge between people’s internal world and the external world. The sealing performance of doors and windows is constantly enriched, and the opening is more and more catering to the needs of life. This significant change implies an improvement in the quality of life. In fact , Both represent a trend of living quality. When doors and windows form concepts in the process of human civilization, doors and windows have also become another carrier of human civilization, and they have changed from satisfying the use of functions to the desire for spiritual refuge and ideal extension. .
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