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Silicone tape cupping device

by:Kenna     2021-05-07
Silicone rubber strip cupping device, car sealing strips can be divided into rubber sealing strips; plastic sealing strips; thermoplastic elastomer sealing strips. In use, many problems need our attention. When installing rubber sealing strips You can spray a little soapy water when you are using this method. This method can make it more convenient for you to install, and in the usual maintenance, avoid direct sunlight, and put it in a cool place, so that the rubber sealing strip can play more The performance, the service life can be extended. Automobile product rubber formula and its preparation method and process Background technology: At present, the low temperature performance of rubber products used in automobiles on the market is generally around -25°C, but the rubber parts on automobiles cannot withstand cold air in a harsh climate. The airflow caused the product life to be greatly reduced. The performance of rubber products used in automobiles directly affects personal safety. For example, the recall of some of the cars sold by Toyota in the past few years caused serious reputational consequences. Therefore, all automobile manufacturers need a long-term stable performance. Adequately safe rubber products. The lip length and thickness of the silicone rubber strip cupping device should be appropriate. Too thick or too long will increase the resistance of the glass to lift. Too thin or too short will cause the glass to not be well guided and sealed, resulting in vibration, noise, and leakage. Rain phenomenon; the second is the shape and size design of the bottom of the section. There are protrusions on the section of the window steel channel, which is used to assemble the guide groove. Therefore, the bottom of the guide groove section should be designed with a corresponding structure, which is easy to install and can be used The elasticity of the sealing strip itself is attached to the steel guide groove to prevent it from falling out; it is the shape and size of the outer edge. In order to improve the appearance, the outer surface of the guide groove should be closely attached to the car body. The characteristics of sound insulation, heat preservation, sealing, impact resistance and environmental protection have attracted more and more consumers' attention. 'Functionality' has long been a functional, rational and reliable image of German design, especially The whole product is in harmony and unity at the level of technology, function, logic and sense of order. 'The covered sealing strip structure makes the door leaf and the door sleeve tight and seamless, blocking sound penetration, and has strong resilience and sound insulation. For this reason, GB12002-89 'Sealing Strips for Plastic Doors and Windows' was formulated very early to regulate the production and inspection of sealing strips. However, the quality of rubber and plastic sealing strips for doors and windows in the current building materials market And the price is very confusing. Four composite sealing strips-our company took the lead in developing and producing composite sealing strips composed of 4 kinds of rubber materials in China, and the surface of the foam rubber (bubble tube) was coated with a thin layer. The protective layer glue, thereby further improving the service life of the seal. Technical realization elements: The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a rubber formula for automobile products and a preparation method thereof, which has good low-temperature performance and can be used in places with relatively harsh climates. It can withstand the attack of cold air and ensure good performance, thereby ensuring personal safety. Technical realization factors: The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a rubber formula for automobile products and a preparation method thereof, which has good low temperature performance and is compared in climate. It can withstand the attack of cold air in harsh local environments, ensuring good performance, thereby ensuring personal safety. The heat resistance, cold resistance, insulation, conductivity and flame retardancy of the silicone rubber strip cupping device are very good It can be used at 100-120℃ for a long time, and it can maintain effective physical properties for a long period of time at 140-150℃. It can withstand high temperature of 230-260℃ in a short time. It can be used in sudden accidents to urban buildings. Play a delay effect; coupled with the use of a special formula, EPDM rubber feels similar at -50°C to 150°C, which creates a high-efficiency work performance for installation on the production site. In the raw materials for manufacturing sealing strips, the past The main raw material used in EPDM is also constantly updated and developed. The new EPDM with excellent physical properties and good processing properties can control the long-chain branching in the molecule, make it better vulcanization performance, and improve extrusion These materials have the excellent engineering properties of elastomers and the excellent characteristics of plastics. They are easy to process and can be recycled and reused. These materials are gradually replacing EPDM products. Among them, according to the device position (component) The title classification is a common way, which includes the engine room sealing strip, the front and rear wind window sealing strips, the door frame sealing strip, the door sealing strip, the door glass guide groove sealing strip, the lower part of the door dust strip, the inside and outside sealing strips of the door and window sill, and the side Window sealing strips, sunroof sealing strips, roof cover sealing strips, trunk (luggage box) sealing strips, etc., installation method: self-contained double-sided tape, just stick directly (the sticking surface must be smooth, clean, smooth, and dry). Technical features: 1. An automobile product rubber, characterized in that the automobile product rubber is composed of EPDM, carbon black, softened It is composed of oil, processing aids and accelerators. 2. The automobile product rubber of claim 1, wherein the automobile product rubber is based on a weight ratio of 100 for EPDM, 90 for carbon black, 20 for softening oil, and 15 for processing aids. , The accelerator is 5.
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