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Solve the problem of lax sealing of the freezer seal

by:Kenna     2021-04-10
Freezers are used as refrigeration appliances in convenience stores and supermarkets to store beverages and milk, and provide cold drinks to a large number of people every day. However, due to the long-time opening and closing of the door, the sealing strip of the freezer in the convenience store will be deformed, resulting in a loose door seal, which will affect the cooling effect. Let's take a look at how the sealing strip manufacturer solves the problem of lax sealing of the freezer sealing strip.  1, white rubber seal. If the freezer seal is slightly deformed, you can loosen the screws that fix the door seal of the convenience store freezer, and put white rubber in the gap, and then re-tighten the screws.  2, soak in hot water. Show that when the freezer seal is deformed, it can be removed, and the deformed part can be soaked in hot water at about 60 degrees Celsius. Take it out in 7-8 minutes. At the same time, place it on a flat table and gently Straighten it.   3. Eliminate iron filings. Some iron filings or metal powder stuck to the freezer seal will cause the convenience store freezer door to not close tightly. At this time, use a brush or a rag to remove the iron filings.  4, blow the shape. When the sealing strip of the refrigerated display cabinet is not tight, you can use a hair dryer to blow with hot air in the place where the sealing of the vertical freezer of the convenience store is not good, but be careful not to blow the air for too long, just make the sealing strip soft. It is easy to damage the sealing strip if the distance is too close or the temperature is too high during the blowing process.
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