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Talking about the development history of door and window sealing strip

by:Kenna     2021-04-10
Kennametal believes that the development history of door and window sealing strips is divided into four stages. The first stage: the era of natural rubber door and window sealing strips. Steel doors and windows in the mid-1990s, ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows, and ordinary wooden windows. Sealing strips are in the era of natural rubber. Natural rubber has insufficient properties and is not resistant to aging in the natural environment. It cracks, hardens, and breaks within a few months, and then gradually fades out of the market... The second stage: PVC polyvinyl chloride Door and window sealing strips In the late 1990s, building doors and windows ushered in the era of plastic steel, and the country began to promote the use of PVC sealing strips on door and window sealing strips. PVC sealing strips have become the most important way darling.   However, the good times did not last long (only 2-3 years), and there was a problem. Due to the precipitation of plasticizers, the problems of pollution of the profile, length shrinkage, cross-section shrinkage, and loose sealing abound, aggravating the problems of the entire sealing strip industry, and the end of PVC sealing strips has begun to appear. The third stage: EPDM EPDM door and window sealing strip     In 2000, the country issued a civil order to restrict the use of PVC sealing strips, and promote the use of EPDM EPDM door and window sealing strips and MVQ silicone rubber sealing strips. This high-end sealing strip used in cars and trains was finally adopted by the construction industry.   The EPDM sealing strip has been widely used in the door and window industry after 2002. At that time, doors and windows gradually entered the period of broken aluminum alloy. EPDM became synonymous with high-grade sealing strips due to its superior physical properties and good aging resistance. In 2011, due to the influence of international oil and other factors, the price of ethylene propylene diene monomer soared, and the cold winter of EPDM sealing strip came, so domestic reclaimed rubber began to be used in large quantities, causing the entire sealing strip market to be chaotic. Hard to find. Such a situation is not necessarily a good thing for domestic sealing strips. Extreme development areas, few brands, and low-cost competition are not conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of the sealing strip industry. The fourth stage: Silicone rubber door and window sealing strip    The development of silicone rubber door and window sealing strip in China also has a history of several decades. It used to be the pride of rubber, but the cost has been gradually reduced in recent years, and it has been gradually applied to building sealing. Silicone rubber has better compression set performance than ethylene-propylene rubber, so it has better sealing performance. Based on the principle of equivalent temperature resistance, silicone rubber can withstand temperature up to 300°C, and ethylene-propylene rubber can resist up to 180°C, at the same temperature. The life of silicone rubber is twice that of ethylene propylene rubber, and the service life is longer. Silicone rubber door and window sealing strips have excellent physiological inertness, non-toxic, odorless, and heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric resistance, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging resistance; the outstanding performance of silicone rubber is that it can be used in a wide range of temperatures and can be used in- Long-term use at 60°C (or lower temperature) to +250°C (or higher temperature), so silicone rubber is an ideal choice for building door and window sealing.
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