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The content of chemical composition of silicone sealing strip

by:Kenna     2021-07-03
1. Rubber toughening composition. It is an elastic material blended with PVC resin, which generally accounts for 10%-15% of all materials. According to the principle of polymer blending, it is necessary to select a rubber or elastomer with a solubility parameter similar to that of PVC resin. Such as nitrile rubber (powdered rubber powder), chloroprene rubber, polyurethane and ELVALOY that is E-VA-CO (ethylene-vinyl acetate-polar monomer terpolymer), etc., these rubbers or bullets are participating After the PVC resin is added, it will not only give the sealing strip outstanding elasticity, but also play the role of a permanent plasticizer for PVC, so if the cost is acceptable, the content of rubber can be considered. In the rubber toughening component, additives such as antioxidants should also be added to ensure that the product has a satisfactory service life. 2. PVC resin is the main material of silicone sealing strips, which can account for 65%-75% of all data. Considering the application conditions and service life of the sealing strips, suspension polymer resins with higher average molecular weight should be selected to ensure that the products are satisfied. The stretching function and good elasticity. However, as the average molecular weight of PVC resin increases, the processing activity of the resin deteriorates. Therefore, when choosing suspension PVC resin, it is necessary to summarize and consider the two aspects of the finished product function and the processing function. 3. Plasticizing system The silicone seal is a very polar polymer, and the force between its molecular chains is great. PVC materials without plasticizers lack elasticity and flexibility. Adding appropriate plasticizers in the PVC resin can weaken the force between the PVC macromolecules, lower the glass transition temperature of the PVC material, and make the material more elastic. At the same time, because the plasticizer can also reduce its melt viscosity, and then can improve the processing function. Of course, the plasticizing temperature can also be lowered. 4. Thermal stability system The silicone sealing strip is a heat-sensitive resin, and its thermal stability is very poor. If the PVC resin is raised to 100°C, differentiation will occur, and when it exceeds 150°C, the differentiation will be faster and a large amount of hydrogen chloride gas will be generated. The differentiation temperature of this resin is lower than its active temperature during processing (around 170 ℃) so it cannot be processed. For this reason, it is necessary to consider adding satisfying and useful thermal stabilizers during formulation design. Its characteristic is that it can absorb hydrogen chloride, so it is called the acceptor of hydrogen chloride. Generally, metal soaps and lead salt thermal stabilizers are used. The former are calcium stearate and lead stearate. The latter such as dibasic lead phosphate, tribasic lead sulfate and so on. Because there is a certain synergistic effect between the thermal stabilizers, they should be used in conjunction with each other to receive a reliable thermal stabilization effect, and reduce their consumption as much as possible to reduce costs. Generally, its total amount accounts for about 5%-7% of PVC resin.
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