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The function of sealing strips in doors and windows

The function of sealing strips in doors and windows


When you’ve been working all day and you’re tired and trying to get a good night’s sleep, you’re constantly distracted by all the noise outside your room;

When winter comes, it’s cold outside and cold inside;

When the dust on the table is wiped again and again;

When more and more cockroaches and mosquitoes come home;


When we encounter these problems,we naturally pay attention to the doors and windows.At the same time we also know to check the tightness of the doors and windows, but do not know how to check, how to judge and how to deal with the ‘tightness’.

One of the important parts that affects the sealing of doors and windows is the sealing strip.Because of the cheap and simple sealing strip, it is easy to ignore its existence. Actually, seal strip plays very important role in door glass, anti-collision, shock absorption role. Can say, seal strip is indispensable in door window.

Small sealing strip, solve the big problem. 

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