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The importance of epdm sealing strips in door and window systems

by:Kenna     2021-03-21
Energy-saving doors and windows are roughly composed of profiles, hardware, glass and EPDM sealing strips, and several major modules of processing technology. Sealing strips have been affected by many doors and windows because of their low cost and some traditional concepts that do not pay attention to energy-saving standards for doors and windows. Ignored by the manufacturer, but the sealing strip plays a vital role in the door and window system. What role does the EPDM sealing strip play in the door and window system? The sealing strip is installed on the door and window frame, fan and glass. Relying on the excellent elastic properties of EPDM, the profile, hardware and glass of the door and window are closely linked together to form a whole, based on the basic principle of isobaric design of energy-saving doors and windows , Play the role of sealing and equal pressure, so as to meet the three standards of doors and windows and energy-saving standards, it plays a vital role in improving the air-tightness and water-tightness of doors and windows, and the sound insulation performance, making doors and windows truly qualified energy-saving doors and windows. In addition, there are still many manufacturers in the door and window industry that still do not talk about the technical connection and integrity of the door and window system. The door and window profiles and accessories used are patchwork combinations, so that the materials and accessories that do not match themselves are combined together, resulting in good doors and windows. After many problems and defects occur, or the processing technology is not well controlled, the sealing strips are used to compensate for the defects of the windows to improve the overall performance of the doors and windows and meet the standards of energy-saving doors and windows. To solve such problems, the sealing strips The high or low of the manufacturer's product design capabilities and technical production capabilities are very critical. Let's talk about some opinions on the seals from the material, design and dimensional tolerances of EPDM:    The importance of the first material Now most energy-saving doors and windows are made of EPDM rubber. EPDM is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of the third monomer. EPDM rubber is named EPDM for short. EPDM rubber has excellent resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, weather resistance (the service life is synchronized with doors and windows), heat aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, and water resistance. Good electrical properties and elasticity, as well as other physical and mechanical properties. Also known as crack-free rubber, it is recognized as a good material for the production of sealing products in the world. The main physical properties and technical parameters are as follows:    The above data are the requirements of the implementation of the national standard GB12006-89, and the overall requirements of the door and window system, refer to German DIN53505, DIN53504. . . . According to the data considered in the DIN5316 standard, the EPDM in this physical state can better meet the three characteristics of the door and window system and the energy-saving standards. Now the market is still full of a large number of fake EPDM sealing strips, and some manufacturers advertised the slogan of how much sealing strips customers need, what grades of sealing strips can be produced, EPDM sealing strips worth more than ten yuan per kilogram, and even each There are EPDM sealing strips that cost a few dollars per kilogram, but a little EPDM is added to the production of the sealing strip as the product of the EPDM sealing strip. As we all know, the formula of EPDM rubber is important. If the formula does not meet the requirements, the physical properties of EPDM are There is no guarantee, its superior performance can only be empty talk, and a few yuan or more than a dozen yuan of EPDM sealing strips cannot meet the requirements of genuine EPDM in the formulation cost, cannot have the superior performance of EPDM, and cannot reach the door and window system. It is impossible to guarantee the three standards and energy-saving standards of doors and windows, and it is impossible to achieve qualified energy-saving doors and windows.  Second, the importance of design ability. It is very important to adjust the formula, according to the physical properties of the formula (such as hardness, pressure change rate), and design the mold of the sealing strip with qualitative and quantitative theories. Otherwise, no matter how good the rubber is, there is no reasonable shape design. Give full play to the advantages of EPDM, such as designing an equal pressure sealing strip, first measure the profile and sample window, understand the system structure of the profile and the degree of cooperation between the profile and the hardware, measure the measured value, and if you need to compensate for the profile and hardware For the defects of parts matching, the compensation value of the defect is taken into account in the design quantity, and then the optimization design is carried out according to the physical property value of the rubber material. The optimization design is carried out at the non-critical position, which can reduce the weight of the meter, in order to achieve the goal of reducing the cost of the customer. . Many manufacturers with weak design capabilities do not understand the door and window system, blindly imitate and do not consider the matching amount of profiles and hardware. The sealing strips designed can not complete the sealing performance of doors and windows very well, but are just like decorative strips. This has caused great economic and reputation losses to the door and window manufacturers.   The third importance of dimensional tolerances. Adjusting the formula and designing the sealing strip is just the beginning to ensure product quality. The control of dimensional tolerances is an important criterion for measuring the high and low production technology capabilities of a manufacturer. Each batch of qualified finished products is generally used with the naked eye. You can’t feel the difference in size. Now there are many different sizes of sealing strips in the market, which can be seen directly with the naked eye and touched by hand, so that when the uneven size is installed on doors and windows, some places will appear. It’s tight, loose in some places, there are gaps in the sealing strip and the profile in some places, or the sealing strip falls off the profile after a period of time, so that most of the heat energy of the doors and windows is lost through the gaps. How can the doors and windows have a good three? Performance standards and energy-saving insulation performance?
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