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The role of door and window rubber sealing strip in curtain wall

by:Kenna     2021-03-22
When it comes to the sealing performance of the curtain wall, one has to mention a very important concept, which is the 'rain curtain principle'. The rain curtain principle is a design principle, which points out the principle of how rainwater can prevent the penetration of this layer of 'curtain'. In the application of this principle, the main factor is that there is a cavity inside the joint, and the outer surface of the The pressure on the inner side should always be equal to the outdoor air pressure on all parts, so that both sides of the outer surface are in a state of equal pressure. The outer surface mentioned is the 'rain screen'. The pressure balance is achieved by intentionally leaving the opening in an open state, allowing the cavity to circulate with outdoor air to achieve pressure balance. This effect is formed by leaving a cavity behind the outer wall. This cavity must be connected to the outside to achieve the above purpose. The gust fluctuations caused by the randomness of the wind also need to be balanced on both sides of the outer wall. In curtain wall design, curtain wall sealing strip is used as an accessory of the entire building system. Although the amount is small, its function is not to be underestimated. The sealing strip not only plays a sealing effect, but also avoids the hard connection between the curtain wall panels and prevents friction. The loss. The quality of the sealing tape often determines the sealing performance of the curtain wall. However, it is precisely because the amount of sealing tape is small, inconspicuous, and often not taken seriously, but it is not known that 'the embankment of a thousand miles collapsed in an ant's nest'. The high-quality sealing strip is durable and can fully adapt to the outdoor environment of the curtain wall, ensuring the sealing performance.   curtain wall leakage must have three elements:   A. There must be a gap on the curtain wall;   B. There must be water around the gap;   C. It has the effect of allowing water to enter the curtain wall through the gap.   If one of the above three conditions is missing, leakage will not occur. The two factors of water and gaps cannot be ruled out and avoided, because rainwater exists in nature, and gaps are limited by the curtain wall structure itself. From this point of view, only to eliminate the third factor-the force that allows water to enter the interior of the curtain wall through the gap, to achieve the purpose of preventing rain and leakage of the curtain wall from the surface. There are six kinds of forces that can cause water seepage, namely gravity, kinetic capillary action, surface tension, air flow, and pressure difference. Aiming at the principle of curtain wall leakage, the current curtain wall design proposes an 'equal pressure designAnd there is a continuous outer wall (rain curtain) from left to right. The poncho prevents a large amount of rainwater from penetrating into the curtain wall along the full length of the joint. Only a small amount of rainwater penetrates at the opening, and the sealing plate (sump) will fall along the mullion cavity. The water layer collects water and drains immediately below the surface of the outdoor panel, and the drainage holes are far away from the joints to reduce the accumulation of water around the gaps. Sealing strips suitable for use on curtain walls should have excellent weather resistance and aging resistance, good elasticity, water resistance and corrosion resistance, and will not crack or harden after long-term use, so that the sealing performance can be maintained for a long time. Minimize the possibility of water seepage. The performance of the sealing strip that does not meet the requirements of the curtain wall will not cause any problems in the initial stage of the curtain wall construction. After a period of use, it will become hard due to aging and cracks, and the sealing strip itself will have gaps, and the pressure of the isobaric chamber The effect no longer exists, and various forces are introduced to cause the leakage of water vapor, and there is no way to talk about the overall sealing performance of the curtain wall. At the same time, because the curtain wall itself is expensive and the maintenance cost is not low, if the wrong sealing strip is selected because of the price, it will cause leakage problems and need to be repaired and replaced. The cost is huge, and the original price advantage will no longer exist. In the early stage of curtain wall development, our country did not pay attention to this problem, which led to the current large-scale curtain wall need to be reworked and repaired. In some areas, such a repair project is even larger than the new curtain wall project. importance.
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