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Thermal conductivity and thermal insulation performance of the rubber strip

by:Kenna     2021-04-14
What I share with you is about the thermal conductivity and thermal insulation performance of rubber strips. I hope the following content can help you. 1. Foamed rubber sealing strips are concise, strong and durable, and have strong resistance. 2. Foamed sealing strips have low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation. 3. Non-absorbent with independent bubble structure and high water absorption. Low 4. Cushioning and impact resistance is excellent, can be used as a cushioning material. 5. Foam sealing strip has excellent weather resistance and weather resistance. EPDM sponge can pass the ozone resistance inspection (50pphm*40. C*72 hours)    product use 1. Foam sealing strip packaging materials (precision machinery, medical appliances, furniture, glass, etc. transportation cushioning materials, maintenance cushioning for small electrical appliances) Materials, etc.)   2, civil engineering, construction (large slab caulking materials for residences, sealing materials for doors and windows for residences, cushioning materials for preventing shortening of concrete, caulking materials for open channels, and various civil construction jointing materials, etc.) 3. Vehicles and ships (door sealing materials, luggage compartment sealing materials, engine hood cushioning gaskets, various pipe sealing materials, lighting joint materials, engine shockproof materials, cushioning and sealing materials for instruments, etc.)  4, heat insulation, heat preservation (cooling) (Insulation sealing materials for refrigerators and freezers, etc. are used for air conditioners and air conditioners)   5, foam sealing strips for sound insulation and moisture resistance (noise prevention sealing materials for various mechanical equipment, housing sound insulation wall sealing materials, and waterproofing of various electrical appliances Moisture-proof sealing materials, moisture-proof sealing materials for various mechanical equipment, etc.). Silicone rubber sealing strip is completely different from ordinary rubber strips. It has excellent resistance to shrinkage and deformation, so the sealing contact surface can be made larger, and it is very useful to prevent the noise from the movable window part! It is more sound insulation than general rubber strips The heat preservation function, the sealing strip is durable, the service life is synchronized with the life of the doors and windows, and it is canceled in one stroke, and there is no worry about the future. It will not harden even at minus 50℃, and can withstand high temperature 200℃.
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