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Seal material classification

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Thermoplastic rubber seal strip

Thermoplastic rubber seal strip



Widely used in building doors and Windows of the sealing strip, electronic appliances, medical equipment, furniture supplies, partition screen and daily production of the sealing part of supplies, elastomer is a new generation of green environmental protection material, the use of a very wide range of annual growth rate of 20%.


TPV/TPE environmental protection non-toxic, with elegant appearance and comfortable feel, with EPDM rubber weather resistance, aging resistance and physical and chemical properties, excellent wear resistance and high tear resistance, is conducive to extend the service life of the rubber strip, as a door and window sealing strip long-term exposure to the air, the service life of more than 20 years.

1) good dimensional stability, small deformation, its environmental protection in the production and use process will not produce toxic and harmful substances.

2) the use cost is low, because the specific gravity of the elastomer is very light (0.9-0.95g/ cm) can surface to the surface, compared with other rubber, the same weight can get more meters.

3) any color can be mixed as needed.

4) apply to the sealing of doors and Windows, can make the corner more even and beautiful by heat bonding.

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