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TPE sealant strip: environmentally friendly and more durable adhesive strip

TPE sealant strip: environmentally friendly and more durable adhesive strip


Rubber strip is a very important part in doors, windows and curtain walls. A good rubber strip must have excellent deterioration resistance to sunlight, ultraviolet aging, ozone aging and heat and oxygen aging, as well as high and low temperature resistance and rain water resistance. In the processing technology, the rubber compound should also have the characteristics of easy extrusion, small shrinkage deformation and good flexibility. It can be said to be a small adhesive strip, which is of great use.

The materials used for sealant strips have begun to show a diversified development trend. Depending on the use position, purpose and required characteristics.

Different materials shall be reasonably selected according to the service life and cost price. Thermoplastic elastomer TPE sealing strip material is more and more used in household sealing strip. These materials not only have excellent engineering properties of elastomers, but also have excellent characteristics of plastics. They are not only convenient for processing, but also recyclable and reusable. TPE sealing strips have very good weather resistance, temperature resistance of 70 degrees above zero and 30 degrees below zero. They are used normally for a long time, do not deform at high temperature, do not expand, ozone and ultraviolet resistance: TPE sealing strips remain hard and do not shrink at low temperature, even in the cold winter in the north, dense the sealing effect is still very good, odorless and non-toxic.

At present, TPE sealing strip is gradually replacing PVC and EPDM in the application of door and window sealing strip.

Advantages of Kenna TPE sealant strip:

1, Good elasticity, not easy to tear ,good sealing effect;

2, Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, free of harmful substances such as heavy metals and plasticizers;

3, High production efficiency, production speed several times faster than rubber;

4, Smooth surface, good weather resistance, no deformation at high temperature and no hardness at low temperature;

5, Ozone resistance, UV resistance, no cracking after outdoor use for many years;

6, Durable, long service life, and can be recycled at the same time.

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