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Web celebrity popular silicone shoe cover

Web celebrity popular silicone shoe cover


New product net red silicone shoe cover officially mass production

The spring of 2019 is a rainy season. In order to solve the dilemma of outdoor walking shoes being wet by rain and muddy roads staining shoes, our design and engineering developers have worked hard for one and a half months, from initial product conception to mold forming test. Production, inspection of various quality indicators, and finally passed the R&D test on April 30, and entered the formal mass production.

After being put into the market, this silicone shoe cover product has received great attention and support from distributors and consumers, and has been successfully sold to Poland, Turkey and other countries. Domestic major e-commerce and physical stores are also optimistic about the practicability of this product. Aesthetics, and environmental performance.














21cm  (8.23inch)

24.7cm (9.65inch)

29cm (11.42inch)

Small shoe covers, great effect.

Really solved the dilemma of outdoor walking and rainy days,

A pair of rain boots can solve the troubles of rain!

2019 is also happy on rainy days!

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