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What are the new processing techniques for silicone tubes and silicone rubber sealing strips?

by:Kenna     2021-05-10
To make the silicone tube, firstly press it into a middle-layer rubber sheet by a calender, add a release agent to wind it and cut it to the specified width according to the process requirements; wind the inner-layer rubber tube containing the tube core on the silicone strip of the winding machine or braiding machine with copper-plated steel wire or copper-plated The steel wire rope and silicone tube are simultaneously wound on the winding machine or braiding machine between the two layers of copper-plated steel wire or copper-plated steel wire rope. The beginning and the end of the winding wire are bound (some early winding machines require the copper-plated steel wire to be pre-processed). Stress setting treatment); the inner layer rubber, middle layer rubber and outer layer rubber are mixed with a mixer according to the formula of the silicone tube; the inner layer rubber tube is extruded with an extruder, and the silicone strip is coated on the soft core or On the hard core (liquid nitrogen freezing method also does not need the tube core); the silicone tube is again covered with an outer layer of glue on the extruder, and then wrapped with a lead or cloth vulcanization protective layer; vulcanized in a vulcanizing tank or salt bath; later dismantled Remove the vulcanization protective layer, pull out the tube core, crimp the upper pipe joint with the silicone strip, and sample and press for inspection. In short, there are many equipments and raw materials used in the manufacture of high-pressure silicone tubes, and the production process is complicated. However, in recent years, the production process of hydraulic tubing with plastic or thermoplastic elastomer as the main raw material can be appropriately simplified. However, the price of raw material for silicone strips is high, and rubber raw materials are still the main material.
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