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What effect does protective car balata have?

What effect does protective car balata have?


In fact, the car anti - collision strip is mainly made of rubber anti - collision strip, because this anti - collision strip cheaper price, use is more convenient, and the color is more bright. And anti - collision strip is one of the vehicle protection, but the owners do not know the role of anti - collision strip, so we want to understand the specific rubber anti - collision strip?

In fact, the car owners are often referred to as the fender strip, fender tape, chafing strip, strap, robin, and so on. The main car body, door protective equipment, and the main material of the protective strip is rubber. That is, the car owners often mentioned in the mouth of the protection bar, the following is the anti-collision bar some basic knowledge and role.

The function of anti - collision bar

Action one: prevent abrade

The main function of automobile anti-collision strip is to prevent the car from being grazed or hit by foreign objects on the side of the body. Because of the small size of the car anti - collision strip, so the car body is accidentally scratched when it will play a protective role.

Function two: increase move feeling

Anti - collision strip also known as the protection strip, it can not only play a role in protecting the car, the anti - collision strip posted on the car can not only protect the car can also play the role of decoration, increase the car body lines and dynamic.

The paste method of anti-collision strip:

In daily life, car crash prevention strips are necessary for car owners. The installation method is also very simple. In general, glass adhesive, 3M adhesive and 205 adhesive are used. Owners should replace the bumper bars if they are cracked, aged or come off after installation.

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